Small Space Living

Tips to living in a small space when sharing an apartment with room mates

College life often means you’ll be living in dorm, a small apartment or home by yourself, or sharing a larger space with roommates. Regardless, you’ll likely have to live in a small space – a challenge when you’re collecting more and more textbooks and belongings each year.

Whether you have a tiny house to yourself or just a bedroom and shared living space, small-space living can be a rewarding experience if you go about it the right way. Here are some tips to help you live well and stay sane in your small space:

Use furniture that doubles as storage

Storage ottomans are great for bedrooms and living rooms. They can hold movies, books, blankets, shoes, and more. They also provide an extra seating space or a place to rest your feet.

Hanging mirrors that double as jewelry storage keep your belongings safe and tidy and provide a convenient space to get ready.

Dressers are great for spaces other than the bedroom. They can be used as a TV stand and also store movies, video games, and electronics. They can be used in a dining room as a buffet table that also serves as a place to store dishes. They are also great for entryways to serve as a place to drop keys and mail.

Maximize space

Put a double-hanging rod in your closet to double your closet space. Put stackable shelves in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to double this space as well. Take advantage of wall space by installing shelves (check with your landlord first to ensure this is allowed). Use a drop-leaf table for a tight dining area. Pack your off-season clothing in plastic bins that fit under the bed.

Use mirrors and see-through furniture to make space seem larger

Mirrors are a great way to reflect light and make a room seem larger. See-through furniture like glass tables, wire chairs, or lucite coffee tables help keep a room feeling lighter and less cluttered.

Keep clutter at bay

The best way to keep a small space tidy is to manage what comes into your space. Throw out junk mail immediately to keep it from piling up on the kitchen counter. Evaluate whether you really need that pair of shoes and if you have the space to store them. Go through your belongings regularly to see what you no longer need and can donate.

Living in your apartment can be an enjoyable experience if you plan your space well. Use these tips to make a plan so you’ll be prepared when purchasing items and arranging your belongings. And most importantly, have fun and be creative!

Put an End to Moving Madness

Moving TipsAfter finding the perfect place to live, you’ll need to figure out how to get all of your belongings from your current residence to your new one and how to do so efficiently. Whether you are moving across the country or across town, these packing tips will simplify your moving experience.

Chart a course.

Once you know where you’re moving and when you’re moving, you’ll need to figure out if your leases overlap and you can move directly from one apartment to the next or if you need for your belongings to stay in a storage unit for a while.
If there isn’t a gap between when you have to move out of your old residence to your new one, all you need to do is pull up your GPS and find the fastest route from one place to the next. The fastest route in a moving van often means sticking to less crowded, wider streets, giving you more maneuverability and comfort when driving.

If you aren’t able to move your belongings home for the small window of time between leases, renting a storage unit near your new home during that gap can be a good alternative. Storage units are rented months in advance, so don’t wait to call about renting space. Electronics, candles, instruments, or paintings are examples of items that may require an air conditioned storage unit. Units with AC controls are a bit more expensive but will keep these items in pristine condition.

Make a list and check it twice.

Google spreadsheets or Excel are helpful pieces of software when creating lists. Both allow you to create new tabs for different kinds of lists like a list for last minute items and another for tracking what each container holds. Labeling boxes with a sharpie while packing can make it easier to track what is in each box. Use numbers or letters to label containers, and record that information on your list. This will keep you organized, ensure you don’t leave anything behind, and allow you to unpack more efficiently.

Don’t procrastinate.

Pack throughout the semester, especially within the last month before the move. Separate your common room items that are non-essentials for everyday life from your roommate’s belongings. If there are items that you know you won’t need, like winter clothes or extra shoes, put those in boxes early. Packing early will allow you to breathe easily the day of moving and will give you time to remember important items you left off your list.

Efficiency in packing.

When it comes to clothing kept in dresser drawers, roll, don’t fold. It really does save room. Use wardrobe boxes for clothes that are already on hangers. Simply hang your clothes on the rack, and close up the box. This will save you time trying to take things off the hangers and put them back on once you’ve moved in.

Compartmentalize, compartmentalize, compartmentalize. Keep everything divided into sections to help you unpack room by room. For example, put all your socks and underwear in one place and all your bathroom products in another. This helps you know where to place boxes to be unpacked once you make it to your new home.

Boxes and totes and bags… Oh my!

When debating quantity versus volume of containers, opt for a middle ground. Having too many containers can seem burdensome. Consolidation can create order if you do so wisely. Picking an enormous box that fits your entire wardrobe consolidates your gear, which is the goal. However, if you aren’t able to lift the box, have you really made anything easier for yourself? Find that middle ground between number and size for the majority of your belongings.
Bigger boxes are perfect for lighter, bulkier items like bedding. Use medium to small sized boxes that fit easily on a dolly for heavier items like books. You can even divide your heavier items like books into the bottom of several different boxes with lighter items like socks on top, which will disperse the weight.
Use plastic or rubber tote boxes instead of cardboard for items that are going in storage. Plastic tote boxes provide more durability and keep water and dirt off of your valuables. If you do use cardboard boxes, place clothes or other items in extra large garbage bags and then place them in the cardboard boxes to reduce the chance of water or dirt getting on your belongings.

The week of the move.

Being prepared for anything will save you time and energy the day of the move. Run to the store to grab extra packing tape, sharpies, moving blankets, bungee cords, and a tarp or two in case of rain on the day of the move. Add extra large ziplock bags to that list if you don’t have a designated basket for your dirty clothes the week of the move. You can avoid having dirty laundry in random places by having bags to put dirty clothes in. While you’re out and about, fill up your car with gas so you are able to get to where you need to go without stopping to refill your tank on the day of the move. You should also clean out your car prior so you won’t mix up trash with your valuables.

Grab a friend… or two… or three. Having other people there to help you will cut down on the costs of using a moving service and on the time you spend moving. Promising to bake someone cookies or providing pizza can go a long way in convincing them to help. If you do want to use a moving service, there are some great ones out there, but use resources like customer reviews to choose the best service. The same goes for renting a moving van or truck. If you or your friends don’t have pickup trucks or larger vehicles with collapsible seats, check online to see which companies have the best rental prices and reviews.

Moving, even across town, can seem like a stressful ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these packing tips to increase efficiency and cut down on the drama of moving.

Apartment Living with Pets

Pet Friendly Apartments Apartment Living with PetsOne of the best parts about our properties is they’re all pet friendly, but we know that living with pets in an apartment can be tricky. We’ve come up with a list of tips to help keep us, you, and your furry friend happy.


Your landlord needs to know if you plan on having a pet in your apartment. They may have rules regarding your pet. Some landlords allow only certain sizes and breeds. Others have rules about cleaning your apartment before you move out. Some landlords require extra deposits for pets. In general, you never know what rules your landlord might have for pets, so make sure you find out.

Our biggest pieces of advice is - DON’T LIE. If you lie to your landlord and try to sneak a pet into your apartment, you could lose your security deposit, your apartment, or your pet (which isn’t fair to the animal). Luckily, since all of our properties are pet-friendly, that isn’t something you have to worry about with us.


Your pets need exercise that they just can’t get in an apartment. Luckily, Auburn has many pet-friendly parks, all of which don’t require leashes.

Kiesel Park is Auburn’s largest park. Along with its large off-leash area, it has a pavilion, a garden, a pond, and a 2.25-mile walking trail.

Town Creek Park is another popular park in Auburn. It currently has one 0.87-mile walking trail, and it will soon have another one built around the pond.

With 30 acres and a hard-to-beat location, Ag Heritage Park is a great option for pets. It has picnic tables, a pond, and an amphitheater.


A big challenge of apartment living in general is close proximity to neighbors. This challenge heightens when a pet is in the picture. If your pet barks all the time, an apartment may not be the best living situation for you. It’s also important to think about your downstairs neighbors. If your dog paces a lot, we suggest buying rugs to absorb the sound. It’s impossible to predict every neighborly issue regarding pets, but no matter what arises, don’t forget to be gracious.


Your pet needs a routine while you’re living in an apartment. Go outside around the same times every day. Make your excursions around the same time every week. When you can’t be there to follow your normal routine, make sure someone else is.

Overall, living in an apartment with pets is not as challenging as you might think. Follow these rules of thumb, and you and your pet will be good to go.

Tips for Living with Roommates

RoomMates 300x200 Tips for Living with RoommatesCollege is a time for new and incredible experiences. One of the most nerve-wracking new experiences can be living with a roommate for the first time. However, with open communication, a bit of tidiness, and respect, living with a roommate can be one of those college memories that you’ll cherish forever.


It seems simple, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to rant to your mom, significant other, or best friend about all your roommate’s annoying habits and never address the problem with the one person who can actually fix it.

Set expectations early

Some issues can be avoided if you set expectations with your roommate from the get-go. We all have certain quirks and things around the house we really care about. Does it drive you crazy when people’s clutter is left in a common area? Tell your roommate right off the bat. Are you really cold-natured and need the thermostat to stay above a certain temperature? If your roommate knows from the beginning, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Be upfront about problems

No matter how much effort you both put into being good roommates, problems are bound to come up. When they do, be upfront about what’s bothering you. Saying, “Hey, I actually bought that milk just for me, so it would be great if you could buy your own and not drink mine from now on,” is going to be received so much better than a passive aggressive sticky note on the carton that says, “Just for Taylor!”


We all either think we’re tidy or don’t mind that we aren’t, but chances are that you and your roommate will have differing expectations of cleanliness.

Clean up after yourself

Now that you live with someone, it’s important to respect the common areas of your apartment. Did you kick off your shoes while you were watching TV? Take them to your room when you’re done. Did you eat a bowl of ice cream when you got home from studying? Don’t leave it on the kitchen table when you finish.

Establish a chore routine

Some people take out a trash bag and leave it by the door until they leave the house, and others take it straight outside. Some people leave their dishes in the sink for days, while others do them as soon as they’re done eating. Regardless of your preferences, make sure you and your roommate establish a chore routine that will keep you both satisfied.


At the end of the day, being a good roommate comes down to respect. If you are respectful of one another, then even when problems arise, they will be easily resolved. For the most part, you will live harmoniously.

Respect your roommate’s schedule

If all your classes start at 8 a.m. but your roommate doesn’t have class until noon, try not to wake them up as you’re getting ready in the morning. If you’re a night owl and your roommate has a strict 10 p.m. bedtime, be as quiet as possible when you’re rummaging through the fridge for a midnight snack.

Respect your roommate’s stuff

If your roommate brought a coffee pot to the apartment and put it on the kitchen counter, chances are that it’s all right for you to use it. If your roommate bought a new pair of earrings and put them in her jewelry box, you probably don’t have the right to wear them without her permission. All roommates have their own boundaries when it comes to sharing stuff, so just make sure you and your roommate are on the same page.

Be open to change

Being respectful of your roommate will probably mean that you’ll have to change some of your habits. That’s O.K. If both of you are open about changing some things here or there so that everyone can live happily, you will have a wonderful experience living together.

Remember, college is meant to be a time of growth and transition into the “real world.” The habits that you pick up in college will probably carry over into other aspects of your life, like a job or marriage. Make sure you’re as good of a roommate as you’d like to one day be an employee or a spouse.

4 Great Wedding Venues in Auburn and Opelika

wedding venues AuburnThe first hint of autumn is appearing on the leaves, and for many people that means getting ready for the winter ahead. For newly-weds-to-be though this is peak marriage season, and that means getting everything organized as quickly as possible, including your wedding venue of choice. Now, some people plan their marriage months in advance, but not everyone is so lucky. So, you can use this guide as either a blueprint for getting hitched in 2017, or planning your last minute wedding over the next few precious weeks.
Here are four of the best wedding venues in the Auburn/Opelika area:

Marriott Grand National

Sometimes it makes perfect sense to go for a traditional choice of wedding venue, so although the Marriott Grand National might not be quirky and unique, it can deliver a wedding experience you're not likely to forget in a hurry. Part of the Marriott wedding experience is that you get access to your own fully trained Marriott wedding planner who will walk you through each step of planning your big day - including helping you work within a fixed budget. The Marriott Grand National offers a number of wedding reception packages, and their Grand Ballroom can comfortably accommodate up to 500 guests.

The Farm at Rocky Top

The barn at Rocky Top Farm is ideal for any couple searching for a venue that's steeped in old world charm, and has a genuinely rustic feel to it. Unlike the polished ballrooms of The Marriott, this converted barn offers you over 6,000 square feet of rough hewn pine walls and ceilings to house your guests. Rocky Top is a working farm, and this new barn was specially constructed as a function building for weddings and other events. It can comfortably seat 300 guests, and the views both inside and outside will make for a truly memorable night for you, your spouse, and each one of your guests.

The Bottling Plant Event Center

If you're wondering why a wedding venue might be called The Bottling Plant Center it's because this particular building was once home to the local Coca-Cola facility, but has been converted for other uses. This venue is capable of hosting up to 1,500 people, and features 3 ballrooms, a roof-top terrace, and even a bridal suite. We know having "The Bottling Plant Center" on your wedding invitation might not exactly scream romance, but we’re certain that once you see the building up close and personal you'll change how you feel pretty quickly. This venue is one of the largest in the region, and is perfect for that large family wedding you hoped to avoid.

Fountainview Mansion

Wedding guest lists can get out of control far more quickly than you could ever imagine, so if you find that you need to host several hundred people then Fountainview Mansion is worth checking out. This venue is about far more than just sheer seating capacity - which is about 800 people in total - because it's also one of the most picturesque wedding venues available anywhere in Auburn or Opelika. The staff at Fountainview Mansion is willing to go the extra mile to make your day as special as possible, so if you have any unique requirements please do let them know. Guests can enjoy the reception, and then retire to one of the many luxurious rooms on offer here.
So, no matter what your particular tastes are in wedding planning and receptions you'll find a venue you'll love in Auburn and Opelika.

Uber is Returning to Auburn

Uber in AuburnThe growth of Uber has been one of the surprise business success stories of the last decade. Nobody could ever have predicted just how much Uber would change the taxi industry when it first launched way back in 2009, expanding from its home in San Francisco to become a worldwide phenomena worth almost $100 billion.

Uber hasn't always been welcome everywhere it went, especially by taxi drivers who felt that this level of private competition was unfair to their business. In 2015 city officials in Auburn created ordinance which required Uber drivers to have commercial insurance, pay licensing fees, for drivers to have background checks, and also to clearly display signage, as was required by every other taxi driver in the city.

In a surprise move Uber announced they would no longer operate in Auburn, leaving the city behind because of what they felt were regulations which flew in the face of their particular business model, making it impossible for the company, and its crowd sourced drivers, to comply with the city's requirements.

There's good news on the horizon though because Uber is returning to Auburn in the very near future now that Auburn City Council has passed new ordinance to make this possible. The new regulations identify the key differences between a traditional taxi company and a ride-sharing company like Uber, so both can now operate independently of each other, but within strict guidelines set out by city officials.

The regulations which made it impossible for Uber to operate in Auburn included commercial licensing, which has now been replaced by a requirement for Uber drivers to have primary automobile liability insurance, Uber can conduct their own background checks, but which are subject to bi-annual audits by the city, and individual signage and licensing is replaced by Uber paying a single licensing fee of $5,000 each year.

Overall the availability of Uber is good news for the citizens of Auburn for a number of reasons, including the availability of alternative forms of transport, and the simple fact that Uber can provide dozens of families in the city with a flexible, part-time way of earning extra money to cover their bills each month.

Another fringe benefit, which is often overlooked, is that Uber can also have a direct impact on the number of DUIs in any area they operate. Surveys have shown that drivers would prefer to use Uber to get themselves home after a night at the bar, rather than run the risk of getting a DUI. Auburn itself had in excess of 300 DUI arrests in 2015, with 20% of those drivers involved in a serious accident.

Are you looking forward to Uber’s return to Auburn? Let us know by posting a comment below.

Auburn City Council Makes Big Plans to Expand Recreation and Culture

Auburn AlabamaAuburn is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, experiencing an increase in population of around 6% each year. That growth is placing a growing strain on existing amenities within the city and its environments simply because there are more people living in the city than ever before.

One of the key elements of catering to a growing population is ensuring there are enough green spaces, trails and similar amenities for everyone to enjoy. Cities are judged on the quality of life enjoyed by their residents, and Auburn is no different in that regard. Although the city doesn't feel like it has a shortage of parks or green spaces at the moment, long-term forecasts on the city's population growth indicate there will be a need for far more parks and walking trails than are currently in place.

Expanding Auburn Education:

Auburn also has one of the fastest growing student populations anywhere in the United States, so there's also a requirement for more schools in the area both now and in the future. $72 million in funding for the construction of a brand new high school has already been approved, with the goal of having it completed for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Long-Term Strategy for Auburn's Growth:

The Auburn City Council are now looking past the short term goals they've set in the past, and instead developing a long-term strategy for the city over the next 10 - 15 years. So, between now and 2030 you can expect to see major developments in and around Auburn, which is all part of the Auburn Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan. The overall planning for this project has been outsourced to the Foresite Group because of the scope and complexity of the work involved.

In 2015 a needs assessment for the city's park and recreation was completed, as part of the overall strategy for the expansion of both passive green spaces, and walking trails for Auburn. 2016 will see a similar needs assessment performed on the library facilities for the residents of Auburn, aligning with the construction of the new high school in the provision of additional education and cultural facilities.

The City Council is asking for as much input from the public on the Auburn Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan as is possible. This project is set to benefit everyone in the city, so your feedback is critical to the overall success of this plan.

It's worth noting here that the current population growth in Auburn is a sure sign of the city's economic growth, making it one of the very few cities in the United States currently experiencing real and visible prosperity. Auburn has gone from strength to strength, even during the worst years of the recent recession, and that trend doesn't seem set to change.

Upcoming Barbasol Championship At Auburn/Opelika’s Spectacular Golf Course

Auburn golfIf you're a golf fan, and just so happen to be living in Auburn or Opelika, then you're in for a real treat when the Barbasol Championship returns between July 11th - 17th this year. After a very successful debut in 2015, this event is now enjoying its second year, with lots for golfing fans to look forward to. The course itself is 36-holes designed for professional golfers, with an 18-hole short course also available, all making for a spectacular few days of golfing fun.

Some of the biggest names in PGA golf will be showing off their skills on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail at Grand National. Pro players you can look forward to seeing include Angel "El Pato" Cabrera, Lucas Glover, David Toms and possibly even Trevor Immelman. This is just a small selection of the 130+ golfers who'll be competing in the 2016 Barbasol Championship for prizes totaling US$3.5 million. This championship is attracting competitors from all corners of the globe, including players from Europe, and as far away as Japan.

Attendance last year was a staggering 50,000 people, but that figure is expected to rise to at least 100,000 visitors for 2016. This is despite the fact that July temperatures in Auburn/Opelika often hit 100 degrees on a typical day, which made walking and standing for hours uncomfortable for some. To remedy this the event organizers have catered for the growth in attendance by ensuring that more concession stands are available for people wanting to cool down, rest and rehydrate. So, you can come out to enjoy the event without putting too much wear and tear on your body.

While the main sponsor is obviously Barbasol, the #1 shaving foam, this event has also been sponsored by the Opelika City Council to the tune of $130,000, ensuring that everyone attending enjoys a golfing experience they won't forget in a hurry.

Although the Barbasol Championship officially starts on July 11th, when the media center opens, the first round of play doesn't take place until July 14th from 3pm to 6pm, and then between 3pm and 6pm each day after that. With that being said you can still enjoy the Pro-Am day on Wednesday July 13th, building the excitement towards the first round of play the following day.

In addition to being a world-class golfing event the Barbasol Championship is now also part of the FedEx Cup Competition, expected to contribute somewhere in the region of US$25 million to the local economy. This event is also the first PGA Tour event to ever take place in the State of Alabama, adding to the prestige and pride involved in our city hosting this event.

For those of you who want to get as close to the action as possible, the event organizers are looking for as many volunteers as they can get their hands on. You can get more information on volunteering for this event here:

You can book daily tickets, and upgraded packages, online now. This is one of the biggest sporting events to be hosted in Auburn/Opelika in 2016, so it’s something you can’t afford to miss.

Sound Wall - A New Creative Space Coming to Auburn/Opelika

Auburn artsWhenever we're asked for reasons to relocate to Auburn or Opelika, we usually wind up listing so many benefits that people eventually cave in after 15 minutes, and just move here instead. Okay, we're kidding, but we do tend to gush about just how great it is to live here - residents of Auburn and Opelika tend to be its biggest fans.

Old Opelika House Converted Into Studio:

But with the announcement of the new 'Sound Wall' creative space, serving the Auburn-Opelika metropolitan area, we now have something entirely new to brag about. Local musicians Rob and Jen Slocumb, of 'Martha's Trouble', have purchased a Victorian house, with the goal of converting it into a creative space for local and visiting artists.

When they originally came up with the idea of creating this type of workspace for artists, they investigated dozens of different locations in the area, including warehouses. It was only when they discovered this aged Victorian gem, built in 1910, that they realized they'd found the home for their collective muse. Unlike a sterile warehouse, this property feels like part of the city, and that it is a location artists could identify with, while also feeling comfortable there. You can never hope to infuse character into a musty warehouse, but the Victorian home they selected has as much character as you could hope for.

Growing Musical Arts in the Area:

'Sound Wall' will feature two recording studios, suitable for everything from laying down a few demo tracks, all the way through to video shoots, and professional recording. The really neat thing here is that because Rob and Jen are world-class musicians they know exactly what belongs in a recording studio, and what doesn't. This is in direct contrast to many recording studios, where the owners might lack any real-world experience, or real passion for what they do.

In addition to the recording studios 'Sound Wall' will also have a fully-featured kitchen, so visiting artists can enjoy professionally prepared meals. This creative space will also include a single bedroom, perfect for the artists who never wants to be too far away from their work. Or if you're suffering from a creative "block", and badly need some inspiration, then this room might be just what you need to bring your muse out of hiding, and back to sitting on your shoulder, guiding your creative spirit.

Opening The Arts:

Anyone living in Auburn and Opelika knows there's something very special about our cities, and now this new creative space offers artists the ability to soak up some of that magic, too. The arts are an integral part of our lives, and having 'Sound Wall' as part of that can only help boost the profile of arts locally, and on a national level too.

This new hub for artists is expected to open for business by September 2016, and is an exciting development for artists of all kinds living in the area. We love seeing clever people doing creative things, and 'Sound Wall' is a perfect example of what can happen when you're determined to make your dreams become a reality.

Where To Get Your Coffee Fix in Auburn

Auburn coffeeIf you're reading this then you're one of the tens of millions of Americans who can't get their work or college day off to a positive start without a great cup of coffee. It's all about the ritual of heading to your favorite coffee shop, savoring the sounds and smells of your favorite coffee brewing away in the background, and the enjoying that first mouthful, best done with your eyes closed.

Coffee lovers living in Auburn or Opelika can rejoice in the knowledge that our area is home to some of the best coffee shops in the state. We're going to take a quick run through our personal favorites in this blog post, but be sure to let us know if we've missed any.

Ross House Coffee

Located on Ross Street across from Auburn’s municipal complex, the historic home sits with its wrap-around porch and blue door nestled between 160 Ross and other old homes along the street. Ross House Coffee opened for business on July 31, 2017.

Owner, Toni Holt saw an opportunity and reached out to owner Stephen Benson, whose mother used to live in the house, and told him her idea of opening a coffee shop that would serve the city of Auburn with a place for fellowship while enjoying gourmet coffee. Check out this unique coffee shop.

Prevail Union

Some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable baristas in Auburn can be found at Prevail Union, formerly known as 'Wake Up Coffee'. For the team behind Prevail Union coffee isn't just a business to them - it's a way of life, and it shows in not just their coffee, but how friendly and helpful every single person working there is.

You get to choose from an amazing range of coffees, but if highly-caffeinated drinks aren't your cup of tea then you...well you can have a chai latté instead. Prevail Union also serves a full range of snacks, and their baristas are more than happy to answer any questions you might have on how they work their caffeine-based magic.

Auburn coffee

Coffee Cat

Even with all the other great coffee shops in Auburn and Opelika, there's always room for one more. In this case it's the laid-back, artsy coffee emporium that is Coffee Cat. The fact that this coffee shop is slightly off the beaten track adds to the feeling that you've found a hidden gem, and the welcoming atmosphere and fantastic beverages reinforce that belief after your first visit.

If you're looking for something special then we can heartily recommend their Kenyan coffees. The staff here are so friendly they'll even make coffees or teas based on your suggestions. Coffee Cat will quickly become one of your favorite places to hang out in Auburn.

The Bean Coffee Shop

One of the very first things you'll notice when you walk through the front door of this fine establishment is the quirky, retro seating and decor. There's a real hipster vibe to The Bean Coffee Shop, but minus all the hipsters, which is probably a good thing. There's a social conscience behind what goes on here because you'll only ever drink coffee purchased from Fair Trade roasters. So, you can enjoy your coffee, safe in the knowledge that most of what you've paid for it goes directly back to the farmers who grew and then harvested it.

Don't fancy a coffee? Well, how about a tasty tea, some gelato, a pie or even some fudge? We can recommend the homemade cinnamon rolls by the way - they're to die for!

There you have it - some of the best coffee shops in Auburn, but this isn't an exhaustive list. There are other coffee shops which deserve a mention too, including Mama Mocha's and The Overall Company.

Now, go forth and drink coffee. You'll be glad you did.