Easy Ways to Lower Your Utility Bill

AdobeStock 268102040 Easy Ways to Lower Your Utility Bill

Going off to college puts students in a lot of unfamiliar situations. One circumstance students are often blindsided by is paying bills for their apartment. Utility bills are usually not cheap, especially when you aren’t accustomed to being energy efficient back home. Whether you are paying the bills or your parents are helping you out, you might want to think about ways to be more energy efficient and ultimately save money.

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Experience Your New Auburn Home, Virtually.

Virtual Tours scaled Experience Your New Auburn Home, Virtually.

As a leasing company, Liberty Properties has responded to the current health crisis promptly to ensure we are keeping our staff and our prospective tenants healthy and safe during this unusual time we find ourselves in.

Liberty Properties strives to be an active and responsible member of the local Auburn community, which is why we have been working on creative and unique ways to help prospective tenants. While we are going to introduce ways that allow you to limit in-person contact, we are still dedicated to helping you find your perfect home. We are thrilled to be able to offer virtual tours of some of our properties, and photos are available of all our properties, along with online applications and leasing. 

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5 Tips on How to Motivate Yourself to Study

AdobeStock 300871366 5 Tips on How to Motivate Yourself to Study

Finding the motivation to do anything is a struggle, not to mention when you are trying to find motivation for something that overwhelms you or something you have limited interest in doing. If you’re anything like the typical college kid, the hardest part of school is just finding the motivation to get things done without procrastinating until the last minute. Here are five easy things to do to help you reclaim your lost motivation.

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The Topic of Renters Insurance

AdobeStock 229768322 The Topic of Renters Insurance

College is the first taste of “the real world” many young adults get when they are just getting started. There are so many new and exciting things to think about when you move away from home but there are also a lot of less exciting things that come with the responsibility of moving out.

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Top 5 ways to de-clutter your apartment closet.

AdobeStock 108152819 768x513 Top 5 ways to de clutter your apartment closet.

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or you've been in the same apartment for four years now, apartments tend to get messy, and fast. But why is that? Why is the first thing we clutter our beloved closet. If your closet is actually the cleanest part of your room and you find yourself needing to deep clean your whole college apartment you can use these tools to help you get a head start.

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How to Make A Study Spot Perfect in Your Apartment

AdobeStock 278725632 How to Make A Study Spot Perfect in Your Apartment

Studying is something that all college students are expected to spend a good amount of time on. What becomes hard, however, is finding a good place to sit down and actually focus on studying. There are great study spots outside of your home, such as coffee shops or bookstores, but sometimes you need and want to stay in and study. Here at Liberty Properties, we want to help you create the best study spot in your apartment. Here is our list to help you.

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Tips on Sharing a Small Space

AdobeStock 107019970 Tips on Sharing a Small Space

Living with roommates can be difficult as is, but living with roommates in a small space can be even more challenging. Here at Liberty Properties, we want you to enjoy your time living with your roommates no matter the size of your space. Here are our tips for sharing a small space with your roommates:

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How to make an apartment feel like home

AdobeStock 181014167 How to make an apartment feel like home

When a tenant moves into their new apartment, whether it be furnished or unfurnished, the apartment will most likely feel like a “blank canvas”. Most apartment complexes are decorated and painted in a uniform fashion, where each unit is basically the same. Not only will the apartment be foreign, but most of the time, the tenant will be moving into a new apartment because they are relocating to a new city as well. The process of relocating to a new city and apartment is a big adjustment for anyone. It will generally take some time before the apartment and city begin to feel like a place to call home. Most of the time, tenants will bring their own decor to personalize their apartment. Often times, apartments have decorating restrictions within their lease agreements. This limits a tenant on some of the ways they can personalize their home. For example, painting the walls a different color is usually not permitted within a lease agreement. Here at Liberty Properties, we want to offer some tips and tricks on how to personalize an apartment without breaking an apartment lease agreement and without making permanent changes.

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Tips For Finding The Perfect Roommate

AdobeStock 162094695 Tips For Finding The Perfect Roommate

No matter what stage of life you are in, whether it be a freshman entering college for the first time or a graduate student looking for an apartment for your last few years of school, you will most likely always run into a situation where you need to find a roommate. Choosing a roommate is much like choosing a boyfriend or girlfriend, except in this situation when things go bad you can’t breakup with your roommate, especially if a lease has already been signed. This is why it is important to be not only picky during this process, but also open-minded about meeting new people. Below, are tips to finding the perfect roommate so you can avoid the dreaded “roommate nightmare”.

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How to get involved on Auburn’s Campus

How to get involved on Auburn’s Campus

Starting at a new university can seem intimidating, but getting involved can be a great way to make a big college feel like home. Whether you are interested in playing ukulele or learning about other cultures, there are hundreds of organizations on campus to choose from. Looking into and applying to various organizations is a great way to make new friends and have fun with people who have a similar passion as you. You get out of an experience what you put in, and the same goes for your time at Auburn. The more effort you put into engaging yourself on campus, the more relationships you will develop, the more memories you will make and the more experiences you will have.

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