What to Know Before Moving into Your Auburn Apartment

Liverpool1It's difficult to explain just how exciting moving into your first apartment can be without experiencing it yourself. This is your first real taste of freedom, where you can live whatever way you wish. But we do understand that taking ownership of your living space can be a daunting experience, and not something you're quite prepared for. Most students won't be moving into their Auburn apartments until August, so we wanted to help you prepare for when that day comes. Planning is key.

Remember Apartment Deposits:

You'll need to have the money to pay for your deposit, which is typically your first and last month's rent. Having the exact amount you need for your deposit is fine, but we always recommend allowing an extra 10% in your budget for any unforeseen emergencies or contractual changes. The last thing you want is to be temporarily homeless because you're short $100.

Don’t Forget Your Lease Terms:

The lease for your apartment might seem like something you can scan, sign and then forget about. The issue is that a lease is a legally binding document, and not something you should sign without reading it thoroughly, and seeking professional advice on any parts of it that you're unsure of. Key things to check are the duration of your lease, when your rent is expected, and how it should be paid. You should also check what rights your landlord has under your lease agreement, and your own rights as a tenant. Do also check what notice period you have to give in case things don't work out for you.

Go For A Property Inspection:

You should take a closer look at your apartment before signing the lease, and any reluctance on your future landlord's part to allow an inspection should set off alarm bells. Check that the light, heat and plumbing all work properly. This includes the shower, toilet, sinks, bulbs, electrical outlets, and the HVAC system, too. Look for any existing damage to paintwork, furniture, windows, woodwork, or anything else, and note them.

Also, check that any existing electrical appliances work properly, such as the washing machine and tumble dryer. Also make a note of every piece of furniture present in the apartment during your inspection.

The Shopping List:

In an ideal world everything you need would already be in your apartment, but we don't live in that world. That means doing some shopping for your apartment before it's ready for you to move in. The first item on your shopping list is bedding, which should include a duvet, pillows, and fitted sheets, and some new towels.

You'll also need to stock up on cleaning products to keep your apartment neat and tidy. It's also a good idea to stock up on some "emergency" foods like Ramen noodles, Mac'n'Cheese, bottled water, granola bars, ketchup, mustard, crackers, cheese and bread. Always bring a few personal items from home, these help to make an apartment feel more like home and less like a hotel room. They're also a great way to curb any feelings of homesickness.

Yes or No to Pets:

Most students don't have any pets, even though they're a great way of relieving stress, and will also make your apartment feel like your home. So, check your lease to see if pets of any kind are permitted. You'll be surprised to see just how many landlords will stop tenants from keeping any pets at all, even fish.

Unpacking At a Steady Pace:

The overpowering urge will be to unpack everything you own, all at once. But what you'll wind up with is a muddled mess of clothing, and other personal items, that will take you weeks to sort through. Unpack one room at a time, focusing on the rooms you'll most need during your first night or two i.e. your bedroom and the bathroom.

Once you have somewhere to sleep, and somewhere to wash then focus on getting your kitchen ready for use. Yes, we know you'd like to set up your Xbox/PC first, but unless you can sleep on or in them we'd recommend taking care of your sleeping arrangements before doing anything else.

Don't Rush:

Moving into an apartment isn't a race. Take your time, organize, unpack in a sensible way, and do your best to take the time to enjoy the fact that you now have someplace you can call your own.

Auburn, Opelika Populations Continue to Spike

Auburn rentalsThe latest data is in and it shows that Auburn and Opelika are continuing to grow at impressive rates. In fact, the Auburn-Opelika area is one of the three fastest growing metro areas in the state of Alabama.

What’s driving growth in Auburn and Opelika? Let’s take a closer look at our spiking population.

Lee County is the Third Fastest Growing County in Alabama

The latest census data from 2015 shows that Lee County is one of three counties in Alabama driving the majority of growth in our state.

Baldwin County along the Gulf, Madison County on the Tennessee border, and Lee County accounted for 49% of residential growth in Alabama between 2010 and 2015.

Lee County has added thousands of new residents in the past few years. In 2015 alone, the county gained a net total of 2,567 residents – behind only Baldwin and Madison Counties in terms of net population growth.

The next 22 counties in Alabama combined only added up to 50.9% of the state’s population growth.

The majority of that growth occurred around Lee County’s two largest cities, Auburn and Opelika.

Why are so many thousands of people coming to Auburn and Opelika? You’ll find a few reasons below.

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How To Select the Right Retail Space for Your Business

Auburn rentalsLocation, location, location. You're probably tired of hearing inexperienced realtors repeating this every single time you ask them about which retail business lots they have available.

The truth is that choosing the right retail space for your business is far more complex than simply choosing what seems like the best fit for your budget.

Here are some of the key considerations you need to take into account before signing a lease:

Pricing of Retail Space:

We've seen it countless times—most new business owners base their choice of location on the costs. In the real world, excessively low pricing for a retail space can be a major warning sign that all is not right - there's a reason why the rent is so low.

Conversely, there’s a very good reason why more expensive space you've been avoiding might be the best choice for you. Perhaps, that spot is a prime business location for you. Don’t choose your new place because it’s cheaper than everywhere else. You’ll regret that decision in a few months.

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5 Reasons to Move Off Auburn's Campus

Auburn UniversityDuring freshman year, living on-campus is a popular choice for most students. However, as you get older, off-campus housing starts to look more and more attractive.

Should you move off campus in Auburn? Today, we’re explaining 5 reasons to consider moving off-campus.

1) Better, Cheaper, and Healthier Food

There’s a reason so many students gain the infamous “freshman 15”. It’s easy to eat a lot of unhealthy food when you’re living on campus. Some people eat at the fast-food options daily. Others don’t have a kitchen in their dorms, so all their food has to come from the various campus food options or nearby restaurants and fast food places.

Even if you do have a kitchen in your dorm, it’s not always an ideal situation. How many times have you had to wait for roommates to finish cooking? How many times is the kitchen left messy? How many times have you had to wait for your roommate to finish baking cookies for whatever club they joined in their first week?

When you live off-campus, you’ll have your own kitchen. Even if you live with one, two, or three roommates, you’re going to have a better kitchen situation than you would when living on-campus.

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Historic Auburn Oak Trees Are Now Being Planted Around Samford Park

Auburn rentalsIf you’ve taken a walk through Samford Park over the last few weeks, then you may have noticed some changes: earlier this month, landscapers and Auburn University students teamed up to plant 10 historically important trees in one of Auburn’s most popular parks.

The change started on Thursday, March 10, when workers with hard hats and earth movers began moving huge piles of dirt to make room for ten transplanted trees.

The trees in question are historically important:

“Today, we’re planting 10 trees that are descendants from the original Auburn Oaks,” Ben Burmester, a campus planner in Facilities Management, explained in a statement to oanow.com. “We’re planting them along the new walkway that was finished this summer.”

The trees were grown from acorns that fell off the original Toomer’s Oaks. Those oaks were infamously poisoned in 2010 and removed from their popular street corner, Toomer’s Corner, in spring 2013.

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Renewing Your Lease: Should You Change Apartments in Auburn?

Auburn rentalsWhen it comes time to renew your lease in Auburn, you have an important decision to make. Should you renew your lease? Or take the chances and try to find a better place to rent?

There are plenty of things you need to consider when renewing your lease in Auburn – including the availability of other apartments and the annoyance of moving to a new property.

But you also have a lot to gain by changing apartments. Today, we’re going to help you weigh the pros and cons of renewing your lease in Auburn.

How Much Do You Dislike Your Place?

The first and most important thing to consider when renewing your lease in Auburn is how much you like – or dislike – your place.

Many people in Auburn have signed up for a one year lease, only to move in and find the place isn’t quite as nice as advertised. Others like their place at first – only to find out about a deal their friends got on a much nicer place across town.

Ultimately, there are thousands of places to rent in Auburn, and it’s tough to find the perfect place for you at the perfect price.

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Number Two in Auburn: Another Walmart Neighborhood Market Opens

Auburn Walmart

Auburn residents were abuzz in January as another Walmart Neighborhood Market opened up in town just two weeks after the first one reached the city.

A grand opening ceremony took place on Wednesday, January 27 at the new store’s Shug Jordan Parkway location. Members of the Auburn High School JROTC and choir took part of the grand opening.

The new location is about two miles down the road from the Walmart Neighborhood Market on East University Drive that opened on January 13, 2016.

Neighborhood Markets Are Different from Larger Walmarts

Just like the East University Drive Walmart Neighborhood Market, this new Walmart features a drive-thru pharmacy and specialty departments like a full-service deli, in-store bakery, and gas station.

The neighborhood markets have been appearing in communities across the United States for the past several years. They are larger than Walmart’s smallest stores (Wal-Mart Express) but smaller than the larger Walmart Supercenters.

The goal is to deliver the same Supercenter experience in a smaller format, with a similar pricing model using Walmart’s scale.

Walmart announced in January 2016 that it was ending its Walmart Express pilot project. Analysts expected that Walmart would focus instead on Neighborhood Markets, which have shown greater profitability and success than the smaller Express stores.

The neighborhood markets have generated positive comps for 19 consecutive quarters.

Walmart is also expected to focus more on e-commerce and now allows users to order groceries online before picking up those groceries in-store.

Open 24 Hours

The Walmart Neighborhood Market at 2047E University Dr. in Auburn, AL, is open 24 hours. However, the new store is expected to offer hours closer to Walmart’s standard opening times: 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Should This Affect your Apartment Search? Yes!

Any time a new grocery store opens in Auburn, Alabama, it changes the dynamics of the apartment rental industry.

Now, those who lived in a previously under-served part of town can enjoy easy, nearby access to groceries. If you live near the University Drive location, then you can visit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – which is a great benefit for night owls who like to stay up all night studying.

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Picking the Right Location for Your Auburn Apartment

apartments in Auburn

Whether you’re a student or not, picking an apartment in Auburn, Alabama can feel like a tricky process.

How far is too far from school or work? What are the most and least desirable neighborhoods? Which street has the best nightlife? Is there a grocery store nearby?

Today, we’re going to help you out with our ultimate insider’s guide to living in Auburn, Alabama.

How Close Should You Be to the University Campus?

Your proximity to the campus will depend on your role with the university. Are you a student? How closely involved do you wish to be in student life?

Full-time students who wish to be closely involved with student life are often willing to pay more to be closer to the university.

On the other hand, some people may wish to distance themselves from the university and get some space – like part-time students, professors, or anyone who wants to save some money.

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5 Things to Consider Before Renting an Apartment in Auburn

Auburn apartment to considerRenting an apartment in Auburn, Alabama? Today, we’re going to give you all the tips and tricks you need to make your Auburn rental process go as smoothly as possible.

Proximity to Auburn University

Obviously, AU is the center of Auburn. If you’re like 75% of the town, then you are involved with AU in some way or another.

With that in mind, it’s important to consider your proximity to Auburn University when renting an apartment.

The university is located in the southwest corner of the city. Many apartment complexes have been specifically built to be close to the campus.

In a smaller town like Auburn, it’s difficult to be too far away from the University. Nevertheless, those who are living towards Opelika or the northeast parts of town may find that their commutes to AU are a little longer than they would like.

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5 Questions to Ask an Auburn Rental Agency Before Renting an Apartment

Auburn rental

Not all rental agencies are equal. That’s why it’s important to do your research before you lock into a contract with an Auburn rental agency.

But which questions are you supposed to ask? How do you determine which rental agencies are better than others? Today, we’re going to provide five questions you should ask before renting an apartment in Auburn, Alabama.

newvan16#1 Do They Have Full-Time Maintenance Staff?

The difference between good apartment rental agencies and average ones often comes down to maintenance staff.

Dedicated rental agencies often employ full-time maintenance staff or have staff on standby. That means if, say, your apartment floods at 6am on a Saturday morning, there’s somebody ready and waiting to fix the damage.

Ask your rental company if they employ maintenance staff, or if each apartment complex has its own staff on standby. It’s about more than just convenience: it’s a safety thing as well.

While you’re at it, ask how long it takes for an average maintenance repair request to go through.

#2 Does the Property Management Company Actually Own the Property?

There are two types of Auburn rental agencies: those that own the properties and those that manage it for someone else.

Typically, the rental agencies that own their own properties are more dedicated to upkeep, maintenance, and high-quality standards.

The reason is simple: you care more about something when you actually own it. It’s the rental agency’s job to fix all of the problems on the site and maintain adequate upkeep.

Meanwhile, property management companies often handle rentals for owners that live out of state or don’t have the time to dedicate towards adequate upkeep.

When you work with a property management company that actually owns its properties, you’ll typically experience a better level of service.

0191-lg#3 What’s the Parking Situation?

If you own a car in Auburn, then it’s critical that you ask your rental agency about the parking situation.

You don’t want to fight for street parking every time you drive home. You don’t want to carry your groceries down three blocks just to unload them from your car.

It’s also important to ask about the price of parking. Some apartment complexes include one or two spots with the monthly rent. Others can charge $100 per month or even more for parking spots – which can significantly raise your monthly overall costs.

Are the parking spaces covered? Are they directly in front of your unit? Are there visitor parking spaces for when you have friends over? Ask all of these questions to figure out exactly how parking works.

#4 Can I Modify or Decorate the Apartment in Any Way?

If you’re going to college at Auburn University, then you may want to decorate your room by hanging various items or even painting.

Typically, most leases stipulate that the apartment needs to be restored to the same condition it was in when you moved in. Leases may also say that you need written permission before painting or decorating.

That written permission might cover something as simple as putting up a poster or driving one thumbtack into the wall. Make sure you understand this policy before you move in.

#5 What’s Your Damage Deposit and Damage Policy?

Some rental companies are infamous for taking away your damage deposits. If there’s one little bit of extra cleaning that needs to be done, or if there’s any sign of a problem with the unit, then your damage deposit might disappear.

With that in mind, ask your rental agency about their damage deposit return policy. Will the entire security deposit be taken away if there are any signs of damage? Does one little hole in the wall give the company grounds to remove your entire deposit?

Of course, most rental agencies will happily tell you that they’re flexible about security deposits. Look up reviews online for Auburn property management companies or rental agencies to get a better idea of the real situation.

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