Vacation & Freeze Precautions

Please find the enclosed instructions on what to do before leaving on vacation or when freezing weather is forecast. Please post this notice for all roommates.

Vacation Precautions

As you leave for vacation, please protect your belongings from damage by doing the following:

  • Lock all dead bolts.
  • Leave at least your outside light or spot lights on. Close all blinds.
  • Take any valuable items with you.
  • During the winter season, Turn your thermostat to Heat and set the thermostat all the way down to 55 degrees so in the event of freezing temps, your pipes will not burst.
  • Do not turn the hot water heater off.
  • Many articles say to leave an automatic on/off lamp and/or your TV on so it looks like someone is home.
  • If applicable, turn your security system on when you leave. Leave your system on local, even if you don't have a security contract. The loud horn may scare the burglar away because the burglar doesn't know if the police are on the way! Liberty Properties recommends you contract with Eagle Security 334-826-3374 so the police will come.

Freeze Precautions

Safeguard your home when freezing weather is forecast. Whenever the temperature drops below 32 F for more than 12 hours, water supply pipes inside the walls of your residence may freeze and burst. If this occurs, it is likely that your home will flood causing damage to your belongings. Additionally, if a pipe bursts in an adjoining residence the ensuing flood may cause damage inside your home. Therefore, it is imperative that the precautions outlined below are followed whenever freezing weather is forecast:

  • Ensure all windows and entry doors are closed tightly including crawl space doors if applicable.
  • Turn air conditioner/heater to heat and set thermostat at 72F.
  • Open all kitchen/bathroom cabinet doors under the sink and the door to the water heater closet to ensure circulation of warm air.
  • Turn on all hot and cold faucets including bath and kitchen to a slow drip. Tape a note on all dripping faucets reminding others to leave dripping.
  • Undo all garden hoses from exterior faucets. If a Hard Freeze is forecasted, turn on all exterior faucets to a slow drip.
  • You may wish to confirm that your neighbors have taken the precautions noted
    above. If you know that any of your neighbors are away on business or
    vacation, notify the Management Office immediately.
  • When you plan to be away from home during the winter months, advise the Management Office. Additionally, you must NOT turn the heat off, but turn it down to 55 degrees. Also do not turn the hot water heater off.
  • Should a pipe break in your home or if water begins to enter your home, contact the Management Office immediately. If you reach the answering service, please leave an urgent message and we will return your call.

Please contact Liberty Properties if you have any questions or require our assistance. Your cooperation will ensure a safe, dry winter for all. Thank you!

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