A common misconception regarding off-campus living is that there is not enough room to work out. However, working out at home can easily be achieved by following five simple steps. Understanding how to maximize your space for workouts will allow you to get the same results as you would in a gym from the comfort of your own home.

Here are five tips that will help you exercise effectively in your apartment:

Create a private space.

Setting aside a designated space in your apartment will allow you to recreate the environment of a real gym. Having a space assigned specifically for working out tricks your brain into thinking you are in a proper exercise setting which will produce a more productive and satisfying workout. This will also prevent any unnecessary distractions that may arise as you exercise.

A home gym does not need to occupy much space because it can be taken down and stored until your next workout. There are many different storage options you can make use of to help optimize your living area, but storing the equipment out of sight will ensure that the equipment will not take up too much space. Try placing your equipment in a container under the bed or in a storage closet.

Simply placing a yoga mat on the floor between your bedroom and your bathroom will provide plenty of space for an at-home workout routine. If you find that there is seemingly no room inside your apartment, you can always utilize the space in your front or backyard. If you don’t have outdoor space, walking or running around the neighborhood or apartment complex is a great way to get your body moving.

Set goals.

Setting goals can help you stay motivated. You can determine what type of exercise is best for you based on the goals you set for yourself. For example, if you are trying to lose a certain amount of weight, your workout routine will be different than someone who wants to gain muscle.

It can be hard to work out as a college student, but setting goals can help you stay on task. Selecting specific times to work out around your classes, work, and any other activities will help you achieve your fitness goals. This way, you can ensure that you will be able to work out the desired number of times you want a week.

Find a partner.

Finding a partner can help keep you motivated and stay on track. The perfect partner for an at-home workout is your roommate. As roommates you can exercise and encourage each other at the same time. It is important to find a partner that has your best interest at heart and shares similar goals as you. If they are not motivated, they will have a hard time motivating you.

Find easy workouts.

Many simple at-home workouts can be found online and on social media that will provide a quality workout that is easy to accomplish at home. Yoga, dance, or aerobics workout videos can be completed in smaller spaces. These videos can be found on Youtube or you can purchase a subscription to a company that creates at-home exercise routines.

Purchase inexpensive workout equipment.

Although gym equipment is not necessary, buying some affordable and easy-to-use equipment for your home workout space will elevate your workout routine. This option is much more cost-effective than purchasing a gym membership. Picking out a few items that aid in effective exercise will help create a balanced workout for your whole body. We have included a few examples below to help improve your at-home workout experience.

Jump ropes are a type of workout equipment that provide an increase in heart rate and have the potential to burn a high number of calories. Jump ropes take up hardly any space and are typically less than $10.

Pull-up bars provide a simple way to get a workout in at home. Since they can be hung up on the back of any door, they can be effective without adding additional clutter to an apartment.

Yoga mats are another inexpensive addition to an at-home workout area. They can be placed anywhere in your house to create a comfortable foundation to exercise on. Yoga mats can be rolled up or laid flat for easy storage.

Small weights provide additional intensity to any workout without taking up too much space. Weights can be used in addition to other exercise equipment or can be held while walking or running. Ankle weights are another simple workout tool. These small weights can be worn while walking or doing simple household chores to increase heart rate and strengthen your muscles.

Exercise bands, or resistance bands, are small pieces of equipment that are easy to store and effective in stretching muscles. The physical activity performed while using resistance bands are similar to weight training but have less impact on the joints and muscles.

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