Transitioning into college life can be extremely challenging for students for multiple reasons. It can often be stressful and overwhelming to try to manage schoolwork, friendships, and spare time wisely as a college student. Incorporating a healthy lifestyle into a student’s busy schedule while sticking to a college-friendly budget can seem impossible. Luckily, Auburn University provides easily accessible resources for students that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

The range of dining options available enables students to continue a healthy diet without the added stress or cost of creating their own meals. Tiger Dining offers special dietary menus, recipe ideas, and other free resources to students that want to learn how to eat healthier. In an effort to connect students with healthy options, we have provided the ultimate guide to healthy eating on-campus as well as some resources that will allow students to eat healthy at home.

Free resources

Tiger Dining has a registered dietician that students can use to plan meals that fit their needs. Kaiten Zajac, the university dietician, provides nutritional consultations, dining hall tours, cooking demonstrations, and guest speaker presentations. The dietician is a valuable resource for students who might need a little help implementing a healthy diet.

Feed Your Potential 365 is another free resource for students. This online website was created by Auburn University’s chefs and dietitians to help connect students with recipe ideas and healthy on-campus options. The program also offers general tips to live an overall healthier life.

Dining halls

Each of the dining halls on campus serves food buffet-style and is all you can eat. The menus change daily and are frequently updated to ensure that each meal is unique and inclusive. Each menu has icons that indicate vegetarian, vegan, whole grain, eat well, and plant-friendly items. The icons are color-coded so each category is clearly visible when making selections.

Tiger Dining has recently adopted a plant-forward mindset. This means that many of the dishes on their menus feature plants as the lead-ingredient. This strategy is being implemented in an effort to empower students to make healthy choices. By including more plants in their recipes, Tiger Dining hopes to reduce the amount of sodium and saturated fats that students consume. These choices make it easier than ever for students to live a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Kitchen is one of the most health-conscious dining options on-campus. This dining hall is located across the street from the South Donahue athletic dorms. Most of the university’s athletes will frequently dine at Wellness Kitchen because it provides the most options that can be customized to fit any diet. The facility even features a salad bar and an omelet bar.

Tiger Zone is another dining hall located near the Village dorms. This buffet includes one of the largest salad bars on-campus and a variety of healthy dessert options. Tiger Zone features different made-to-order stations to accommodate everyone’s tastes and dietary needs.

The edge at central dining is a new dining hall that opened on July 19. This 48,000 square-foot facility features an allergen station and a fresh produce market. The balanced menu is created using freshly made ingredients that utilize crops that were grown on campus. The edge has plenty of room for seating, and there are four private rooms that can be reserved for studying.


All of the on-campus restaurants offer healthy menu options for students, but there are a few options that certainly rank higher on the list of healthy choices. Saladworks is located in the student center and is the only menu that primarily consists of salads. The menu at Saladworks provides unique salad combinations as well as a build your own salad option. Sambazon is located in the village and the student center. They give students an easy way to get their daily amount of fruit through acai bowls and smoothies. Au Bon Pain is located in the student center and offers a wide variety of soups, salads, and sandwiches. The restaurant also has to-go options that include fruit, pre-made sandwiches, and baked goods.

Food Trucks

The university has several food trucks that are helpful for busy students. NYC Gyro is a recent addition to the food trucks that offers Greek-style food. They have rice, gyros, falafel, and salads that can be personalized to fit a healthy diet. Good Karma is an Indian food truck with vegan and vegetarian options. The menu includes a create your own rice bowl that provides another unique and healthy dish. The Amsterdam taco truck is a new addition that serves tacos, quesadillas, and nachos. The tacos can be substituted with rice or salad for a lower-calorie version of a delicious meal.

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