Touring a rental property can be intimidating especially if you are alone or you are doing it for the first time. There are many different factors that come with apartment living and it's important to know the right questions to ask. When touring an apartment, you are given the opportunity to learn everything you need to know about the building, the staff, and the resources. Knowing what to look for in your next apartment is imperative to making the right choice.

At Liberty Properties, we understand that looking for apartments can be a new experience especially for those who are used to living on campus. To ensure you find the perfect home, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your tour when being shown a house or apartment.

Check for Safety

For every home, it is important to feel safe in the area where you are living. When you first arrive at the apartment complex for your tour, check and see if there is a gate as well as any suspicious activity. You can ask the property manager or your tour guide to share with you a list of the safety protocols the complex has in place for its’ tenants. For example, some apartments have a courtesy office that is there to provide surveillance and basic protection to the residents and property. You can also check with the local police station to get a list of records and reports pertaining to that complex if there are any. You are also able to file a record request online.

When inside the unit, check to see if the locks are working and the windows shut properly. Safety should always be a priority and knowing what to look for at your new apartment will help ensure your safety.

Health Standards and Damages

It is also important to make sure the health standards of the unit are up to date. When touring your potential new space, be on the lookout for any signs of mold. You will also want to check for any damages done to the unit that has not been fixed. These can include holes in the wall, leaky faucets, and loose light fixtures. You will also want to test the water while you’re there to make sure it is running properly and heats up efficiently.


While on the tour, be sure to ask the guide what kind of amenities are offered through your rental property. For example, some apartment complexes offer on-site gyms, pools, hot tubs, transportation services, and even tanning beds. Based on your lifestyle, these can be a major plus and might sway your decision to pick a property based on what is offered in addition to your rented unit.

Lease Agreement

In order to get a better sense of the apartment, it will take more than just a tour. Taking a deep dive into the paperwork will help inform you of what contracts you are getting into. Make sure you have read over the lease carefully. There can be terms and conditions that are in the fine print that can be easy to miss if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Make sure you have an understanding of how long the lease is, what utilities you are responsible for, and what is covered by the landlord. Knowing if you are able to sublease and having details on the guest policy can also affect your decision. If a situation arises down the line where you need to break your lease, it is crucial that you understand what the terms would be as a tenant. It is also recommended that you have a friend or mentor review the lease with you before you sign. This will give you a fresh perspective and protect you from signing anything you don’t agree to.

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