At Liberty Properties, we understand how exciting finding the perfect location for a new home is. On top of finding a new home, exploring the new area is also exciting. Whether it's finding the best restaurant in the area or something fun to do, there are many unique activities to do in Auburn-Opelika outside of downtown Auburn. Whether you are looking for something to eat or a fun activity, Auburn-Opelika has many options for you to choose from.

The Liberty Properties rentals are located in central Auburn which allows you to easily access downtown Auburn, but also, the hidden gems of the Auburn-Opelika area. Here are some great options for you to explore:

1. Mrs. Story’s Dairy Bar

The beloved Mrs. Story’s Dairy Bar re-opened in Opelika in November 2021 after being closed for three months. They specialize in milkshakes and hotdogs which is hard to find anywhere else in the Auburn-Opelika area. The former customers were so ecstatic when the ice cream shop reopened because many of the customers said they would eat there multiple times a week. This is a location many former students come back and visit.

2. Willie’s Wings

Willie’s Wings is quite literally a hidden gem as it is located behind the Amsterdam Cafe. The service options only include takeout or delivery, making it is a great stop to pick up food when you are coming home hungry and late at night. You are able to order ahead and not worry about the hassle of waiting in line. It is not located directly in downtown Auburn which will keep you out of the way from the hustle of the downtown nightlife.

3. The Waverly Local

The Waverly Local is located about 20 minutes outside of Auburn. It is not talked about as much because of the variety of nice restaurants Auburn offers. However, The Waverly Local is known for its ever-changing menu and Sunday brunch. It offers great variety and a different atmosphere than what people are normally used to in downtown Auburn. This change in scenery is just the thing to explore in a new town.

4. Side Track Coffee Shop

Side Track Coffee Shop is a local coffee shop in downtown Opelika. The unique coffee shop allows for customers to pick the price of each of their drinks. No matter what additions you make, you still have control over how much you are paying. This is unlike any other coffee shop in the area! The owner is always friendly and if you are a regular face he often remembers your order. The personable atmosphere makes the drive from Auburn to Opelika worth it.

5. Rock ‘N Roll Pinball

Rock ‘N Roll Pinball opened in the past year and is located in downtown Opelika right next door to Side Track Coffee Shop. It gives the Auburn-Opelika area more variety instead of going to the normal bars in downtown Auburn. Playing pinball is a fun and unique activity that can be a nice break from going to the same bars on Friday or Saturday night.

6. Town Creek Park

There are many trails and parks throughout the Auburn-Opelika area. This park has an 0.87-mile trail and there is another trail around the pond that’s currently being built. Going to a local park to get some exercise is a great alternative if you are tired of going to a gym. As college students, exercising is important but difficult. Therefore, going to a park with friends is a great way to be motivated. Also, in May the park hosts spring concerts. This is a great reason to step outside and go do something different.

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Throughout the Auburn-Opelika area, there are a plethora of places to eat and see that are not as well known to some people. These are only a few of the amazing things this area has to offer. Liberty Properties has apartment living throughout the entire Auburn area perfect for college living. These high-quality buildings reside in the perfect locations to be able to enjoy all of these spots. Because of the location, you will be able to explore even more hidden gems of the Auburn-Opelika area. Contact us today to hear more about our properties!

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