Midterm exams are coming up at Auburn University and many other universities. These exams are a great way to see how you stand in a class and how well you may do for the rest of the semester. Midterms can also tell you if you need to make changes to how you approach the class. If you don’t score as well as you would have wanted on your exam, it can also give you fuel to work harder to receive a better grade in the class by the end of the semester. We want to make sure you ace your midterms this semester, so take a break from studying for a few minutes, and read our list of tips for how to get the grade you want.

Get Good Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest is always important. However, during exam week, it's extra important. Midterms for all of your classes will typically happen within the same week. You’ll be studying for midterms the entire week while also taking them. You may feel like you need to strain yourself in order to study, but if you aren’t sleeping well, it will only affect your performance. Low energy results in less brainpower. Even if you stay up all night studying, you may not even retain all of the information because you’re so tired. Make sure you get 7+ hours of sleep the night before an exam in order to put your best foot forward.

Be Comfortable

Having a dedicated study space to study is very important. It not only ensures that you can easily study while not being surrounded by distractions but also that you will be comfortable while studying. Your study space should be free of non-study-related clutter and other distractions like noise. Make your space comfortable and positive by adding pillows, blankets, and colorful decorations that bring you joy. If background noise helps your study, you could even play soft music in your study space. Having a space like this will boost your mood and workflow.

Take Breaks

Don’t forget to take multiple breaks while you’re studying. If you’ve been “in the zone” for too long, get to a stopping point and take a break. You don’t want to overwhelm your brain with too much information at one time. Take a moderate break like watching a 30-minute episode of your favorite show, cooking some food, or going on a walk. Treat your break like a reward for studying so hard. However, don’t let your break turn into an ended study session. Allow yourself a break every 90 minutes before returning to your study materials.

Study With a Friend

Studying with a roommate, friend, or classmate can really elevate your study session. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people in your class that you’ve never talked to before and form a study group. They’re taking the same test as you and are probably just as worried. Multiple people working together can give you outside perspectives. Other people may be well versed in things that you’re confused about and be able to explain them to you in a way that’s more understandable than the way the professor first taught it. Studying with others can also make studying not seem so time-consuming and boring. Tiny breaks during a study session with others also give time for you to bond if you’ve never spent time outside of class with your study partner.

Change of Scenery

Sometimes when you’re studying, you can just get into a slump where you feel like you can’t read one more page or even think anymore. If you’re in your last part of studying and don’t have time to stop, try leaving the study space that you’re currently in. A change of scenery may be just enough to wake you up and let you refocus. This can be simply leaving your couch and going to your room or going to a completely different building. If you’re studying at home, you could leave and go to the library. A change of scenery can really give you that last extra kick of energy that you need to finish studying.

Take a Practice Exam

If your professor provides a practice exam to take before taking your midterm, then take it. A practice exam is a great tool that shows you what the test might be like. In this practice exam, you can test your knowledge while also getting used to the timing and format of the exam. If your professor doesn’t provide something like this, don’t worry. You can make a practice exam yourself. Find the parameters of your midterm. How many questions are there? What types of questions will there be? How long do you have to take the test? With this information and your notes, you can build your own practice exam and then quiz yourself.

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