You’re graduating! Take a moment to celebrate and get ready for commencement, but remember to start planning things now. Reservations, clothes, graduation pictures. You need to be on top of all these things. Whether you’re starting to plan your graduation pictures or taking them tomorrow, we want to make sure they turn out perfect. Auburn is a beautiful city full of places to take your graduation pictures. Find places that feel “Auburn” and ones that have special meaning to you. We’ve made a list of the top 15 places to take your graduation pictures in Auburn. Get ready to pop some champagne and celebrate graduating at your favorite places!

Samford Hall

Samford Hall is a perfect place to take your graduation pictures. It’s classic “Auburn” with its popularity and beautiful orange hue. If you choose to wear white, you will really pop against the orange brick in the pictures. Samford Hall looks great and is recognizable by many from the front and sides. Often, graduates choose to take pictures from the walkway leading up to Samford Hall with it diagonally behind them, from the corner of South College Street and West Thach Avenue on the short brick wall surrounded by bushes, or from straight on.

Auburn University Sign

Auburn has many brick signs throughout the campus. However, there is a specific one on South College Street that is perfect for photos. At this location, you can take pictures at the sign with Samford Hall peeking out from behind it. The sign is made of brick and white stone featuring the words “AUBURN UNIVERSITY ESTABLISHED 1856.”

Campus Entrance Walkway

The front entrance to campus is a great place to take pictures. At this location, you can still find Samford Hall in the background as well as some other campus buildings. The entrance features two brick pillars with marble eagles sitting on top of them. If you move a little past these pillars, there are also short brick areas where you can sit for photos. If there has been a recent Auburn win, the Oak trees surrounding this area will be rolled with toilet paper and perfect for pictures that scream “Auburn.”

Langdon Hall and Auburn Seal

Next to Samford Hall, you can find Langdon Hall. Langdon Hall is another easily recognizable Auburn building. It is a mainly white building with pillars, and in front of it lies the Official Auburn Seal. Langdon Hall itself recently got restored. This included new copper and wooden accents and a fresh coat of paint. Taking pictures in front of the doors of Langdon Hall can make a beautiful background due to its marble floor and tall pillars. The Auburn Seal also makes for great pictures with Langdon Hall in the background. Don’t forget to take pictures pretending to step on the seal. If you believe in the legend, don’t actually step on it.

War Eagle Wall

Outside of J&M Bookstore, you can find the War Eagle and Go Tigers walls. The War Eagle wall in particular gets a lot of love from Auburn fans. The white murals with orange and blue writing are very “Auburn” while still looking chic. Many graduates choose to sit by the wall with the words “War Eagle,” or “Go Tigers” visible above their heads.

Toomer’s Drugs

Toomer’s Drugs is a great place to take graduation pictures. The Auburn community loves to grab a lemonade from Toomer’s any change they have. Feel free to order a lemonade, and use it as a prop during your pictures. You could take pictures under their awning with their large windows behind you, or further out with the entire notorious white building in the background. Don't forget that you can also take pictures by their National Champions mural or inside if it’s not busy with thirsty Auburn fans.

Jordan-Hare Stadium

Jordan-Hare Stadium is a great place to take your graduation pictures. If you have a connection, you may be able to take graduation pictures inside. This is a great opportunity to take pictures on the field and in the stands. If you can’t get inside, don’t worry! You can still get beautiful pictures. Try taking pictures on the Campus Green outside of the Student Center with Jordan-Hare Stadium in the background.

The Stadium Parking Deck

Diagonal to Jordan-Hare Stadium is the stadium parking deck. This deck lies between the football and baseball stadiums. Many graduates choose to park at the top of the deck and take pictures with Jordan-Hare Stadium featured in the background. This location brings in different heights you can’t achieve at other locations. Taking pictures at parking decks is also a growing aesthetic that has recently become popular.

Stay tuned for part two of Top 15 Places to Take Your Graduation Pictures In Auburn to learn more about the best places to take your photos. The next part will look at some less traditional locations for your pictures.

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