You’re graduating! Take a moment to celebrate and get ready for commencement, but remember to start planning things now. Reservations, clothes, graduation pictures. You need to be on top of all these things. Whether you’re starting to plan your graduation pictures or taking them tomorrow, we want to make sure they turn out perfect. Auburn is a beautiful city full of places to take your graduation pictures. Find places that feel “Auburn” and ones that have special meaning to you. We’ve made a list of the top 15 places to take your graduation pictures in Auburn. Get ready to pop some champagne, and celebrate graduating at your favorite places!

In part one, we mentioned locations in the heart of Auburn’s campus-like Samford Hall, Langdon Hall, and Jordan-Hare Stadium. We also talked about murals at two well-known Downtown Auburn businesses. If you missed those, go back and read part one of Top 15 Places to Take Your Graduation Pictures In Auburn. Continue reading part two to find more places to take your graduation pictures in Auburn that are a little less traditional.

The Auburn Arena

At the Auburn Arena (newly renamed the Neville Arena), you can find the Auburn Creed wall. This is a white wall on the side of Neville Arena with the creed carved into it. The contrast between this wall and the orange brick surrounding it is great for pictures. This is an area perfect for tall pictures. Many graduates take pictures throwing their caps in the air in front of this wall.

Horton-Hardgrave Hall

Horton-Hardgrave Hall is a new business building on campus that features a rooftop terrace. This terrace is mainly used for studying. However, it’s a perfect place for pictures. The terrace has a lot of foliage as well as modern furniture with dark metal accents across two different levels. The top of Horton-Hardgrave Hall also has a great view of Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Auburn Creed Steps

Outside of Horton-Hardgrave Hall, you can find another Auburn Creed photo opportunity. Between Lowder Hall and Horton-Hardgrave Hall lies very large steps/seating areas that have the Auburn Creed engraved into them. These white steps have grass on top of them and can be stood in front of, stood on, or sat on for pictures. The largeness of these steps is great for a wide picture. Former Auburn quarterback Bo Nix even took his engagement pictures in front of the Auburn Creed Steps.

Your College Building

Auburn’s campus is filled with beautiful buildings. A building you may want to take pictures in front of or inside might be your college building. Every college has its own building or buildings assigned to it. If you’re graduating from the College of Human Sciences, you could take pictures in front of Spidle Hall. If you’re graduating from the College of Liberal Arts, you may want to take pictures in front of the mural inside Tichenor Hall. These buildings are where you spent a lot of time during your undergraduate degree and having pictures there can be different and more personal than standard locations.

Downtown Auburn

Downtown Auburn is a great place to take pictures if you want the “Auburn” feel without being on campus. This is a great opportunity to take pictures at your favorite downtown businesses. If you have a favorite restaurant or nightlife location, it could make a great background. Some businesses have great interiors and exteriors for pictures. Don’t be afraid to take pictures in alleyways or behind buildings. The alleyway between the Phone Clinic and Auburn Hardware is a popular downtown spot to take pictures.

Jules Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art

Venturing further off-campus, the Jules Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art makes for great pictures. If you love art, you could take pictures inside the museum. Even if you don’t, the building itself is beautiful. The Jules Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art has a large lake outside of it as well as large and small fountains. Many graduates take pictures from the front large white building and the front fountain can be seen in the background.

Red Barn

Also further away from campus is the Ag Heritage Park. This park has a large lake surrounding a pavilion that looks like a big red barn. This barn is often used for weddings and other events. However, the entire park is open to the public. The red barn features large windows on the side that are perfect for neutral pictures. If you’re feeling daring with color, you could take pictures in front of the entire pavilion. The lake and nature surrounding it also make for beautiful pictures.

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