Renting an apartment comes with many responsibilities and can be overwhelming, especially if you’re in college. Saving money might be hard if you’re unprepared or not familiar with the process, so there are some important things you should consider. Liberty Properties offers customers a variety of apartments for rent in Auburn, Alabama, and has plenty of knowledge when it comes to money-saving hacks. Continue reading to learn how you can save money while you rent, whether in college or not.

1. Save Up Ahead of Time

Before you sign your lease, make sure you know what kind of fees and payments to expect ahead of time. If you go into this process prepared and have money set aside, it will make it go much faster and smoother. Most apartment rentals include a security deposit once you’ve signed your lease, so ensure you have this money available just in case. You should also consider what kinds of utilities your apartment will include and how much will be added to your rent. Plan on whether or not you’ll need to make any bigger purchases upon first arriving, like furniture shopping or stocking up on food. If you have a pet, you may have to talk with your landlord about what type of extra payments will be required with them, if any. Saving for your apartment before you move in will ultimately save you a lot of stress and time, and it’s never too late to start.

2. Consider a Roommate

Having a roommate is one of the best ways to save on the price of your rent and comes with numerous other benefits, as well. Living with another person will likely mean you can split the cost of rent and spend less on other big purchases for your space. You may choose to buy what you need for the kitchen while your roommate buys for the living room, and vice versa, knocking off many expenses from your list. On top of this, you’ll be able to share smaller items like silverware and dishes, which saves you from having too much and leaving some of them unused. Of course, another positive to living with another person is that you’ll be less lonely when you stay at home. Staying home will save you the money you would normally be spending by going out or finding other activities to fill your time.

3. Downsize

When you go through the moving process, you tend to realize how much stuff you actually own. Take some time to look through your belongings and determine whether or not certain items are necessary for your space. Plenty of renters make the mistake of spending extra money on storage or even looking for a bigger space, but never use the things being stored. Make sure that anything you don’t use is kept behind, thrown away, or even sold to save space and money. In fact, selling any belongings you have in good condition could help you start saving for other expenses that come with your apartment. It may be difficult to sort through everything at first, but just know that you’re saving yourself plenty of time and money that will be worth it in the end.

4. Conserve Energy

We’ve all been guilty of leaving on a light or two while running an errand, or keeping the TV on even though you aren’t taking in what’s on the screen. While these mistakes aren’t the end of the world, you should make sure you don’t create a habit. Over time, the cost of your electricity and plumbing could increase if you aren’t paying attention to their usage. When you leave your apartment, try to turn off the lights to save energy and power down anything you aren’t actively using. Also, if you find yourself taking long showers, consider investing in a new showerhead with better pressure to cut down on that time. It’s easy to overlook small things like the lights and plumbing, but being smart with your usage is a great way to save money on your utility bill.

5. Eat In

As exciting as it is to find new restaurants for your meals, going out to eat adds up quickly and isn’t always necessary. If you’re living in an apartment, take advantage of your space by teaching yourself a new recipe or two and making something quick and easy. You could also use this opportunity to cook for friends and have them over instead of spending money on a pricey meal together. In that case, investing in a slow cooker or extra cooking supplies could be beneficial. There are plenty of ways to find cheap alternatives and have fun while doing so. If you can, save eating out for special occasions and you’ll find you value it much more.

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