Living in a small space can easily feel crowded and difficult to work with, but don’t lose hope yet! There are plenty of ways to maximize your living area and make it feel much bigger than it actually is. Before you get settled, consider sitting down to plan out your layout and think about what you want to do with the space. Liberty Properties offers customers a variety of houses and apartments for rent and remains one of the most dependable rental companies in Auburn, Alabama. With years of experience and expertise, they’re sharing some of the most effective ways to make your small floor plan feel big.

1. Select Furniture Wisely

The furniture you put in your space can determine how big or small it feels, and you should always put lots of thought into each piece. When you start to plan out your layout, remember to give each area a specific function to create a flow and sense of organization. Use furniture to separate your living room from your kitchen, or your office from your bedroom, so you don’t feel as limited to one spot. Creating paths for walkways around the room will also make it feel bigger and make it easier to move around. On top of this, multi-purpose furniture can make an entire room have several functions without appearing so.

A simple way to use furniture to your advantage is by picking out lightweight and simplistic pieces. Bulky chairs and heavy couches can instantly make a room feel smaller and could be taking up more space than necessary. Lighter furniture will create more space, and will also be more manageable when it comes to setting it up. If you can, find some areas to use lifted pieces and give you a view of the floor underneath. Being able to see the ground below your furniture gives the illusion of more space and, if you wanted, you could even use this room for small storage.

2. Incorporate Natural Light

Using natural light in your space is proven to make it look and feel bigger. Even if you don’t have a wall of windows in every room, there are some creative ways you can take advantage. It may seem like every window requires a curtain or blinds, but that’s not necessarily true. Consider leaving a window bare to make the light filter inside easier, or use sheer curtains instead of thick ones. Another simple idea is to incorporate mirrors into rooms with windows so they reflect the light. Mirrors trick people’s eyes into thinking there is space beyond them and they can also brighten a room.

Mirrors aren’t the only way you can emphasize this natural light, though. Painting the inside of your property in light colors is another proven way to give the illusion of more space. When light hits white walls, it reflects in the room around them, versus darker colors that instead absorb this light. You could also use the same light color for both the ceiling and the walls, making them match. You’d be surprised by how big of a difference the lighting in your space can bring.

3. Use the Height of Your Space

Tall ceilings provide numerous chances for you to take advantage of the extra wall space. You could create an accent or gallery wall to show off more of your personality and add some pops of color, or install storage from the floor to the ceiling. You could even add cupboards above a doorway and keep your belongings concealed and out of the way. Shelves can also be easily added to a variety of places on your wall, and store plenty of items without looking cluttered.

Hooks have a range of uses and can be incorporated into any room. Use them to help free drawer space in your bedroom by hanging bulky items, or in your kitchen to hang utensils or pots and pans. Try to use wall-mounted shelves or cupboards to make the floor visible beneath and create the illusion of space. If possible, loft your bed and use the area beneath it for working or relaxing by adding some seating and a small desk. With a high ceiling, you’ll have more space for these types of storage methods.

4. Work With Necessities

Downsizing and getting rid of unused items may free up more space than you think. Small things like magazines and old receipts could make your area appear messy or unorganized, so if you don’t need them, throw them away. As you go through your belongings, ask yourself when you last used each item and whether or not you remembered you even had it. You should make sure to go through your closet, bookshelves, office spaces, and more. While this method is effective, it could take some time, so consider setting a day aside to get it done.

Don’t limit yourself to items that can fit in a drawer. You may have some larger pieces of furniture taking up space that you don’t use. For example, if you live by yourself, do you actually sit at your dinner table every day to eat, or is it easier to just use a barstool at the counter? If it is, take out the table and use this new empty space for something that will benefit you more. You can also use this as an opportunity to switch out certain pieces with multi-functional ones.

5. Leave Empty Space

You might think this sounds strange, but leaving extra room every here and there makes your area feel larger. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should take out your couch and replace it with a bean bag, focusing on the smaller items will make a big enough difference. If you have a bookshelf, remove some that you don’t use and leave the extra room open, or take away one pillow from your bed so it doesn’t appear as crowded. Think of it as giving your house or apartment breathing room so it doesn’t get congested.

Don’t get too frustrated if you can’t figure out where to open some space because it could take some trial and error. Play with the layout of your room and consider what tiny areas could be adjusted and added to storage. It’s all about finding a balance and avoiding too much or too little. Once you take a step back and finish this process, you’ll notice how much of a difference it makes.

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