If you’re coming to the end of your lease and have started to plan your move-out process, there are a lot of important factors to keep in mind. Being fully prepared ahead of time can save you an infinite amount of stress in the future and leave you feeling accomplished. When you’re renting, the move-out process is your opportunity to repair any damages that shouldn’t be left for last minute. Liberty Properties offers rentals in Auburn, Alabama, and has years of experience when it comes to helping tenants through the process. Continue reading to learn about what steps they recommend you prioritize as you begin preparing for your move.

Give Notice Beforehand

Letting your landlord know ahead of time that you’re planning on breaking your lease is, by far, one of the most vital parts of moving out. Skipping this step could result in you having to make payments during the months following your move out, despite you no longer residing there. Talk to your landlord in advance to find out what their specific notice time frame is and keep a written version available. While you let them know, take the opportunity to look over your documents and make sure that you’ve completed all necessary payments and signed all required pages.

Change Your Address

Nobody wants to arrive at their new home and discover that none of their mail ever arrived. Before you move, changing your address should be a priority, and also can’t wait until the last minute. This can simply be done by visiting your local post office a couple of weeks before you make the move and notifying them, or doing so online. Mail can be unpredictable so doing this ahead of time will save you from having to deal with a delay in service. On top of your post office, let your bank and credit card company know, along with any other people who contact you on a regular basis.

Start Packing In Advance

Packing at the last minute is probably one of the most stressful scenarios when it comes to moving out of your space. Around one month before you leave, start storing away items that you rarely use and wouldn’t need until your next location. The closer your move-out date comes, the more belongings you’ll begin to pack, which will ultimately benefit you the day of. Another tip to keep in mind is decreasing the number of groceries you bring home so you don’t end up leaving with a pantry full of uneaten food. If you need, consider hiring a moving service so you have some extra hands.

Cleaning Checklist

One of the last things you should take care of before you leave your apartment rental is cleaning. Once you’ve ensured there are no remaining repairs or damages, make your space look presentable and brand new. These are some basic tasks you should perform when you get to this point.

1. Remove Nails and Screws

Patch up any holes that are left behind and repaint the area. If you added anything to the walls that didn’t originally come with the property, remove it and leave the space how you found it. This could include towel racks, hooks, or shelving.

2. Wipe Down Surfaces

The goal should be to make your apartment feel like it’s brand new, and cleaning the surface of things will make a great difference. Dust off the counters and top of ceiling fans in each room, as well as wipe down your windows and mirrors. Lastly, consider cleaning the handles and knobs that are touched frequently and exposed to more germs.

3. Clean Out Cabinets

Don’t forget to check in every single cabinet so you don’t risk leaving behind any personal items. If you find that it’s dusty or there are drawers with crumbs, clean them out and wipe them down.

4. Vacuum and Sweep the Floors

It may be easy to overlook your floors and say they’re clean enough as they are, but you’d be surprised at the change some sweeping and vacuuming can make. If you have tile, mop the area to leave it shining and extra clean, as well as sweep other spots around your space. If you have dogs in your apartment, vacuum and pay extra attention to any fur that may have shed while they lived there.

5. Take Out Trash

Taking out all of the waste you have remaining is a simple way to save your landlord the trouble. Keep a trash bag available as you clean up your property and make sure you have it until the last moment. Don’t forget to check in every room, just in case!

6. Clean Appliances

Your appliances could use some extra shine and it will make your place look ready for the next tenants who move in. Thoroughly wipe down each drawer inside the refrigerator, as well as the inside of your sinks and bathtubs. In the kitchen, focus also on the oven and microwave so you avoid leaving a mess.

How We Can Help

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