Moving week can be a busy and tiring time. As there’s already so much to worry about, you’ll want meal ideas to cook in a pinch with only a few pots, ingredients, and steps. The goal is to find foods you can prepare and make in 30 minutes or less in your new house, new apartment, or duplex. We’ve prepared a list of the best quick and easy meal ideas to make your moving week as stress-free as possible.

Tips for Cooking During a Move

  • Sometimes eating is the last thing on our mind on busy days, so go shopping ahead of moving week to pick up your foods to have on hand!
  • Pick up ingredients you can use for several meals (chicken, rice, beef, eggs, etc.)
  • Think about convenient foods you can eat on the go
  • Have protein-rich snacks such as string cheese or sliced veggies
  • Don’t be afraid to use canned goods or ready-made items to simplify things
  • Make large dishes that can be reheated for leftovers
  • Paper utensils can come in handy before all your dishes and silverware are unboxed
  • Don’t forget water and some electrolytes to keep your energy up!

Apartment-Friendly Meals During Your Move


As a last meal before your move, you can use up all the extra fruits, veggies, and yogurt left in your fridge so you don’t have to toss them! Throw them in a blender and add powdered protein mix to give yourself an extra energy boost.


Possibly the best moving day food there is! Sandwiches are easy to prepare and easy to eat. Ham, chicken, tuna, eggs, cheese, and tofu are all excellent protein choices. Add fresh vegetables and put them on whole grain bread to stay healthy during moving week!


Using the same protein source and vegetables from your sandwich, you can make a refreshing and energizing salad. Pick up a bag of pre-washed lettuce and a dressing when shopping. Assemble and voila!


It just doesn’t get easier than this classic. Boil spaghetti noodles and add jarred or canned spaghetti sauce. Opting for whole grain pasta for a rich source of fiber, protein, and carbs that are slowly released throughout the day to keep you vigorous and alert. If you want to practice your culinary skills, you can add peas or saute onions and mushrooms.

Stews, Soups & Chili

Easy meals to make in one spot on the stovetop or in a crockpot, stews, soups, and chili are perfect for a moving week. Choose the recipe and broth you’d like, throw all the protein and vegetable ingredients in, let it cook, and it’s ready for you whenever you're ready for it. These also make great leftovers!

Stir Fry

The best part about cooking a stir fry when you're moving is the fact that you can use just about any ingredient on hand. Throw in vegetables with a sauce and some type of protein and you're all set. It’s that simple. It's best served over rice, which can be cooked quickly in the microwave, making this a very quick and easy meal for moving.

Macaroni and Cheese

Filling, inexpensive, and so simple it’s almost too easy! All you need is pasta (macaroni, Cavatappi, or shells), butter and milk or cream, and your favorite cheese. Add fresh arugula, halved cherry tomatoes, or ground pepper for a twist. It’s so much better than what you can get in a box.


Homey casserole dinners are an excellent option because everything is prepared and cooked in one pan. Any combination of ingredients such as rice, pasta, vegetables, beans, and meats that you can think of would work! They take less time and make less waste, yet the results are a full meal. They don’t require a lot of attention while they’re cooking, so throw in or layer ingredients in a baking dish and slide it into the oven while you finish packing or unpacking.

Make Your Own Pizza

The tried and true for moving week is ordering a pizza, some even say it’s good luck! If you want to be a bit more adventurous, you can break into the new place by making your own. You can take this to any extreme you like, from making the dough from scratch to beginning with a pre-made crust. Then all you need is pizza sauce, cheese, and your favorite toppings!

Cookies and Brownies

There’s nothing like the aroma of cookies or brownies in the oven to christen a new place. No matter when you make them during moving week, you can reward yourself by keeping extras in the fridge to reward yourself with a sweet treat for the work you’ve done!

Enjoying Local Restaurants During Your Move

Treat yourself by going out for a meal – after all that heavy lifting, you deserve it! Lucky for you, there are so many delicious restaurant options in Auburn. Exploring these is a great way to get to know your new neighborhood or part of town. If you feel like you don’t even want to leave your new place for the night, the Auburn area has its very own delivery service TigerTownToGo featuring the finest local restaurants.

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