As springtime approaches, many residents all around Auburn are preparing to deep clean their living areas. There are many benefits to cleaning out your apartment duplex or townhome. Deep cleaning your home will help you to de-stress, feel more organized and at peace, and get you into the mindset of that new and fresh spring beginning! This may even inspire you to customize your rental property. After all, this is your living space and you have the power to do what you want with it. Check out these simple tips for apartment spring cleaning to give your home that extra boost this spring!

1. Make a To-Do List

Making a to-do list can help you prioritize what you need to do when starting your spring cleaning. This can also help you stay on task and avoid getting too overwhelmed. Lists can increase productivity and help you feel more accomplished with every task. Whether you live in an apartment duplex, a cottage home, or a townhouse, cleaning an entire space can be a daunting task. A to-do list will help you to stay on top of the rooms, items, and outdoor spaces that need cleaning. A cleaning checklist is always a good place to start when deciding to take over your entire living area with cleaning supplies.

2. Minimalism is Key

Do you find yourself wishing you could get rid of belongings easier, but still wind up storing everything in an attic or storage space? There are plenty of spring cleaning tips out there for the wannabe minimalist. There are many benefits to minimalism. It can help you to declutter and make things within your home neater and more organized. It can reduce stress and anxiety, allow for more free space within your home, reduce dust, and help you keep track of your things.

Ways to keep minimalism in mind when cleaning is by starting a donation box for old clothes. You could also go through items that have been sitting in your attic or storage closet for one too many springs. Giving things away will not only help you but help others like your favorite local charity!

3. One Thing at A Time

When going through the ins and outs of cleaning your home, it’s important to take one thing at a time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so make sure you are allowing yourself to take in the tasks as they come. Think about going room by room. For instance, maybe you want to clean your kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. Instead of thinking about doing all of these rooms at once, think about starting off with your kitchen. Once your kitchen’s sparkling clean, then take on the next room.

If you tend to get easily overwhelmed, you can break up the tasks even more. Start from the top of the room and work your way down, taking breaks as you go. This is a great cleaning method to ensure a thorough cleaning. As you clean, the dirt from the top of the room will settle to the bottom as you clean. With this method, you shouldn’t have to retrace your steps and clean things multiple times.

4. Listen to Tunes

Music can help you enjoy the jobs you have to get done. It can lighten the mood and even make you more productive. Listening to music while you work could also heighten your mood. Music can affect your productivity in a positive way. Upbeat tunes can help you to enjoy the tasks at work, so be sure to put on your favorite soundtrack and enjoy your cleaning!

5. Take Breaks

While it’s great to declutter, it’s also good to remember not to be so hard on yourself. When striving to clean your entire house, townhouse apartment, townhome, or duplex, it’s important to remember to take breaks. The frequent breaks will help you to not feel burnout as well. Overall, this could boost your productivity when cleaning your household. If you’ve been cleaning for a couple of hours, it may not be a bad idea to call a friend and chat for a little. You could also go for a walk or spend some time outside. You could read a few pages of your favorite book or watch one of your favorite TV shows.

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