Spring has sprung and the Easter bunny is fast approaching! There are many ways you can decorate your rental to welcome the season. The team at Liberty Properties has gathered together a list of “eggcellent” ideas to get your apartment ready. Here are five Easter apartment decoration ideas:

1. Decorate Your Apartment Door With Flowers

While flowers are blooming at their peak in the springtime, you can create a front door entrance utilizing them. To make a floral wreath to hang on your door, grab a hot glue gun, faux spring branches, and your favorite flowers of choice. Place any leftover flowers around your rental in areas where you need extra decoration. You can also get mini eggs and carrots at the craft store to attach to your wreath for a finishing touch. This decoration will brighten up the entry to your apartment and bring cheer to you and your neighbors!

2. Hang Egg Garlands Around Your Apartment

For a unique take on easter decorations, make an egg chain garland! You can make this colorful craft in just 5 minutes and reuse it every year. To start, you can buy pre-decorated craft eggs or dye eggs in the color palette of your choice. Measure baker’s twine to the length you would need for your chosen space. Then, figure out your spacing and place a clothespin on the twine for each egg you want to be added. Attach a ribbon to each of your eggs, tie them through the clothespins with a bow to finish, and voila! These garlands can be placed over a mantel or entertainment area, in your living room, or even in your bedroom above your bed frame.

3. Fold Bunny Ear Napkins for Your Dining Table

To obtain a new skill you can use for Easter decorating, learn how to stylishly fold your napkins to look like bunny ears. You’ll need a cotton or linen napkin, a ribbon, and an egg. Fold a napkin into thirds and then fold the lower corners up to meet in the center, creating a paper airplane shape. Flip over the napkin for the seam to face the table and fold in the outer edges to meet in the center. Place your egg on the pointed tip, tying "ears" above it with a ribbon to give it a new nest. This is your own version of a magician rabbit trick! If you would prefer to have variety with your designs, you can also learn how to complete a carrot napkin fold. You’ll really impress your guests this season with these napkin fold tricks!

4. Display Spring Baskets in Your Apartment

Baskets are an easy and beautiful way to decorate for Easter. They can help you organize knick-knacks after apartment spring cleaning and they can show off painted eggs, flowers, chocolate bunnies, or anything you’d like. There’s just nothing like creating a delightful basket to display. If you find a straw basket you’re particularly fond of, it’s easy to keep in storage as you can keep your other decorations inside of it. Best of all, you can move your baskets to different rooms if you’re hosting an Easter event. They can be placed in your apartment’s entryway when guests arrive and be the centerpiece for your table later. The possibilities are endless with spring baskets!

5. Play Up Pastels Throughout Your Apartment

Lastly, the most simple way to bring in Easter spirit to your apartment is pastel colors. A pastel palette feels airy and can make your space feel bigger by bringing light shades in. They provide a perfect transition from the dark colors winter often brings to mind. You can go for pastel flower vases, throw pillows, and soap dishes that are on the softer side of the spectrum to make an easy switchover. If you prefer minimal decor but still want your apartment to feel like spring, bringing pastel colors in will do the trick!

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