With the end of the semester quickly approaching and summer just around the corner, it's time to start preparing for move-out! Typically, the mention of move-out generates an eye-roll or exasperated sigh from most students because of the general hassle, the conflict with exam week, and the lack of packing space as a consequence of leaving with double the amount of items you had when you moved in. However, having an organized plan that tackles the trivial frustrations of move-out can take the process from choppy to seamless. Liberty Properties has outlined 10 crucial tips to pack up your space efficiently and ensure a swift move-out.

1. Start Early- don't wait until the last minute!

  • As soon as your move-out date is set, start going through your belongings and packing up items you won't need before then.
  • By getting a head start on packing up items you won't use, you are also able to create a stress-free exam week, rather than trying to pack everything up at the same time!

2. Have the Right Supplies!

  • Gather plenty of boxes, packing tape, markers, bubble wrap/packing paper, and box-cutting tools.
  • By having all of the supplies on hand, you can take preventative measures to keep your move-out damage-free and organized.

3. Label, Label, Label!

  • Clearly label each box by room and contents. When moving into a new place, the process of unpacking can be overwhelming and time-consuming. By labeling each box or item, you save so much time and stress around move-out!
  • To make things easier, consider using a color-coding system for your belongings. For example, you could use red for the kitchen, blue for the bedroom, and green for the living room. This way, you can quickly identify which boxes go where, and unpacking will be much more organized and efficient.

4. Tackle One Room at a Time.

  • Don't try to pack your whole place at a time. Work through one room systematically until it's fully packed up before moving to the next.
  • For example, by starting in areas that you don't use as often, you can sort out your living necessities for the rest of the semester, while also keeping a maintained and organized move-out.

5. Pack Strategically!

  • Keep frequently used items accessible until closer to your move date. For example, try saving the bedding and toiletries for last, and excess kitchen items first.
  • Another tip to pack strategically is to pack heavier items in smaller boxes for easier lifting. Not only will you be saving space, but you will be more efficient in carrying those unavoidable heavy items!

6. Protect Fragile Items.

  • Wrap all breakable belongings in bubble wrap, packing paper, or towels.
  • While it’s tempting to over-stuff boxes to maximize space, make sure you aren’t overpacking them to prevent shifting and damage.

7. Donate/Sell What You Don't Need.

  • Moving is the perfect opportunity to purge anything you don't need and haven’t used for a while.
  • Not only does this lighten your load significantly, but By selling your home decor or furnishings on marketplaces or at yard sales, you can make some extra cash this summer!

8. Take Photos Before Unpacking!

  • By snapping pictures of how electronics, furniture, etc. are arranged in your current living space, you can easily recreate the setup at your future place.
  • This can also keep an accurate tab on the things you need or are missing in your current home for your future living space.

9. Pack an "Essentials" Box or Bag.

  • Include a change of clothes, phone chargers, toiletries, cleaning supplies - things you'll want immediate access to at your new home.
  • With the majority of students moving back home over the summer, it is important to keep a bag of essentials that are easily reachable.
  • Since you’ll want these items almost immediately, it's important not to pack them in a restricting box or storage bin, and use a bag that is easily accessible.

10. Clearly Mark "Last Load" Boxes.

  • Use brightly colored stickers or labels to identify the final boxes so those can be loaded up at the very end.
  • This will create a seamless packing structure in your car, and will also ensure that you don’t leave any important yet easily-forgettable things behind.
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