During freshman year, living on-campus is a popular choice for most students. However, as you get older, off-campus housing starts to look more and more attractive.

Should you move off campus in Auburn? Today, we’re explaining 5 reasons to consider moving off-campus.

1) Better, Cheaper, and Healthier Food

There’s a reason so many students gain the infamous “freshman 15”. It’s easy to eat a lot of unhealthy food when you’re living on campus. Some people eat at the fast-food options daily. Others don’t have a kitchen in their dorms, so all their food has to come from the various campus food options or nearby restaurants and fast food places.

Even if you do have a kitchen in your dorm, it’s not always an ideal situation. How many times have you had to wait for roommates to finish cooking? How many times is the kitchen left messy? How many times have you had to wait for your roommate to finish baking cookies for whatever club they joined in their first week?

When you live off-campus, you’ll have your own kitchen. Even if you live with one, two, or three roommates, you’re going to have a better kitchen situation than you would when living on-campus.

You’re also going to be closer to reasonably-priced grocery stores. You can save money on food, make healthier food, and keep your body fueled for schoolwork, the gym, or whatever.

Don’t know how to cook? Never cooked before in your life? Cooking is an essential life skill. There’s no better time than the present to learn how to cook – your future self will thank you.

2) You Feel Like an Adult

When you’re going to college, it’s easy to feel like a kid. You’re hanging out with a bunch of other students in dorms and listening to party music through your walls every weekend.

When you live off-campus, you don’t have to give all of that up. But you will feel more like an adult. Renting a place off-campus shows you’re ready to make real-life choices. It helps you put one foot into the adult world while still living like a student.

Once you leave college and enter the “real world”, you’ll have an enormous advantage over everyone who lived on-campus for their whole college career.

3) Save Money

Living on-campus can be ridiculously expensive. Colleges can charge whatever they want for housing because they know students are going to pay for it regardless.

Living off-campus can save you a lot of money while also helping you be more flexible. You can choose to have one roommate or multiple roommates to lower the costs even further. You can choose to get a cable plan or just pay for internet.

Take a look at rent prices around Auburn. They’re not as expensive as you think. The further away you go from campus, the more you can save. For the price of rent on-campus, you can get a decent-sized home elsewhere in the city.

Whether you’re renting Auburn apartments or homes, you’re going to save a lot of money with off-campus housing.

4) Fewer Rules And No RAs

Living on-campus means you have to abide by a set of rules. How many times have you had an awkward confrontation with your RA?

Living off-campus means no RAs and no student-specific rules. If you’re living in an apartment or condo, you won’t be able to blast music at the pool until 3am every night. However, you’re bound by far fewer rules than you would be on-campus.

5) More Space and Alone Time

If you live with a roommate, finding your own space on-campus can be difficult. And, living on-campus means every time you go outside, you could run into someone you know. So libraries and cafeterias aren’t always ideal for “me time”.

Living off-campus means you have more space – and not just physical space.

Your off-campus housing is going to be larger. You’re going to have your own room. You’ll be able to close your door without worrying about when your roommate is going to open it later that night.

Whether you need alone time or you just want a quieter study space, off-campus housing is hard-to-beat when it comes to space.

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