One of the best parts about our properties is they’re all pet friendly, but we know that living with pets in an apartment can be tricky. We’ve come up with a list of tips to help keep us, you, and your furry friend happy.


Your landlord needs to know if you plan on having a pet in your apartment. They may have rules regarding your pet. Some landlords allow only certain sizes and breeds. Others have rules about cleaning your apartment before you move out. Some landlords require extra deposits for pets. In general, you never know what rules your landlord might have for pets, so make sure you find out.

Our biggest pieces of advice is - DON’T LIE. If you lie to your landlord and try to sneak a pet into your apartment, you could lose your security deposit, your apartment, or your pet (which isn’t fair to the animal). Luckily, since all of our properties are pet-friendly, that isn’t something you have to worry about with us.


Your pets need exercise that they just can’t get in an apartment. Luckily, Auburn has many pet-friendly parks, all of which don’t require leashes.

Kiesel Park is Auburn’s largest park. Along with its large off-leash area, it has a pavilion, a garden, a pond, and a 2.25-mile walking trail.

Town Creek Park is another popular park in Auburn. It currently has one 0.87-mile walking trail, and it will soon have another one built around the pond.

With 30 acres and a hard-to-beat location, Ag Heritage Park is a great option for pets. It has picnic tables, a pond, and an amphitheater.


A big challenge of apartment living in general is close proximity to neighbors. This challenge heightens when a pet is in the picture. If your pet barks all the time, an apartment may not be the best living situation for you. It’s also important to think about your downstairs neighbors. If your dog paces a lot, we suggest buying rugs to absorb the sound. It’s impossible to predict every neighborly issue regarding pets, but no matter what arises, don’t forget to be gracious.


Your pet needs a routine while you’re living in an apartment. Go outside around the same times every day. Make your excursions around the same time every week. When you can’t be there to follow your normal routine, make sure someone else is.

Overall, living in an apartment with pets is not as challenging as you might think. Follow these rules of thumb, and you and your pet will be good to go.

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