Fall is upon us here in Auburn, and what better way to celebrate the season than to decorate your college apartment? You don’t have to spend a fortune to turn your apartment into a cozy, fall retreat.

Here are some simple autumn decoration ideas that are great for college students to use in your apartment:

Create a fall display at your front door. Your front door is the first impression people get when they visit your apartment. Sometimes, it’s the only thing they see if they’re just passing by, so creating an inviting, fall display is a great place to start! Look for simple wreaths with orange, brown or red leaves, or even a cute door hanger if you aren’t a fan of wreaths.

Pumpkins scream autumn, so adding a few next to a seasonal door mat adds the perfect finishing touch. Placing your pumpkins on top of hay bales will add even more dimension to your setup.

Make a statement with a decorative centerpiece. If you have a kitchen table in your apartment, a centerpiece is the perfect way to add some fall decoration. Since college apartments can be tight on space, you can also add centerpieces to coffee tables, side tables or kitchen counters if you don’t have room for a kitchen table. The possibilities of what to put on your table are endless. Try a wooden bowl with miniature pumpkins, or a skinny trough with fake leaves and candles just to name a couple of ideas!

Light some fall-scented candles. Nothing says fall like the smell of fresh-baked pumpkin bread or snickerdoodle cookies. Instead of constantly baking to get those smells, buy some fall-scented candles, and place them around your apartment not only to create great scents, but also to add some decor. Be sure to only have the candles lit when someone is in your apartment, as it can be a big fire hazard to leave candles burning for long periods of time.

Spruce up your living space with seasonal flowers. There are so many ways to add decoration with flowers, either real or fake. Sunflowers and cotton are perfect for the season, but you can also spruce them up by adding flowers with orange, red or yellow hues to add more variety to floral arrangements! A couple of vases with seasonal flowers around your apartment will add a fresh look and bring in fall colors.

Change up your color scheme to highlight autumn colors. If you have the money for it, buy some simple throw pillows that accentuate seasonal colors. Colors such as deep reds, burnt orange, yellow and light brown are perfect to give your home a fall makeover. Add a blanket over the back of your couch to finish off your cozy look.

Buy or make fall-themed wall art. A great way to create a fall atmosphere is to add seasonal wall art. It doesn’t have to be much, but a simple sign that says “Farm Fresh Pumpkins” or “Happy Fall” is easy to make or buy for cheap. If you have a chalkboard hanging in your apartment, write a seasonal phrase on it for no cost at all. The possibilities are endless for decor you can hang up around your apartment.

Nothing says fall more than a bowl of candy corn. Whether you love it or hate it, candy corn is the staple of fall candy. You can buy bags of candy corn at any grocery store. Fill a glass or fall-colored bowl with candy corn, and set it out in your living space for you, your roommates or guests to enjoy! Seeing candy corn definitely brings the season to mind.

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins. If all else fails, set out some pumpkins, either real or fake, around your apartment for decoration. There are so many options of what you can do for pumpkin decor. You can buy real pumpkins of any size at a grocery store, and you can even paint or carve them to spruce them up.

If you don’t like the look of a plain, orange pumpkin, you can buy pumpkins made out of twine, sticks, wood or plastic, just to name a few ideas. You can buy pumpkins that are made out of other materials at many home decor places, such as Hobby Lobby. They are the perfect decoration for sitting on T.V. stands, coffee tables or kitchen counters to add a fall feel.

As the Auburn weather begins to cool down and the leaves begin to change colors, now is the perfect time to decorate your college apartment for fall. Nothing makes your home feel cozier than seasonal decorations, so by implementing some of these ideas, you can make your apartment feel like a fall retreat.

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