As the new semester starts to unfold, many students on Auburn’s campus are looking for that perfect study spot. While the library is the first to come to mind, it’s not always the most convenient. It can become crowded early in the evening, starting with trying to find a place to park.

For students looking for a quieter space, a unique location, or simply a way to change up their usual apartment scenery, here are some great options in and around the downtown Auburn area.

1. World Cup Coffee Company

Located on South College, World Cup Coffee Co. is a quiet place to study with unique brews that will keep you up and focused. World Cup also offers a selection of breakfast and lunch foods, ranging from bagel sandwiches, to warm cinnamon rolls. Not in the mood for coffee? World Cup also offers a Fresh Mint Lemonade Slush that is sure to refresh you with the warmer weather.

The majority of off-campus coffee shops are located on the east side of campus, so World Cup serves a new area of Auburn, making it a great getaway from the more well-known spots. World Cup is easily accessible from all apartments on South College, as well as the new nursing building. World Cup opens bright and early every morning except Sunday, when it opens at 2 p.m.

2. Ross House Coffee

The Ross House Coffee Roastery is the newest addition to the plethora of coffee shops in Auburn, making it a unique study spot for students who want to enjoy a hot drink and tasty snack while hitting the books.

Located at 150 North Ross Street, the coffee shop is in a 111-year-old building with a wrap-around porch that has been professionally renovated. It’s open six days a week, closed on Sundays, and is frequently used by students who may not live close to campus. As the weather starts to warm up, many students can be found sitting outside on the porch, allowing the fresh air to help them focus even more.

3. Panera Bread

Even though Panera Bread is a little off the beaten path, located on Opelika Road, it’s an ideal study spot for students wanting to enjoy a meal while getting work down. They offer free Wi-Fi and outlets along the walls to plug in electronic devices and plenty of seating.

They typically close at 10 p.m., which can be an incentive to get work done quicker in the evening.

Panera prides themselves on their hot breakfast sandwiches, so this would be the ideal spot for students looking to get work done in the mornings before going to class or work. Plus, the fact that it’s a little farther from campus and most apartment complexes makes it a great option for a less crowded study space.

4. The third floor of the student center

For students who live on or close to campus but want to avoid the library, the third floor of the student center offers quiet and private studying areas. Newly renovated, there are rows of private, plush study chairs with desks, lamps and even footrests. If you know you’re going to be settled in for the day or evening and want little to no distractions, this is the place to go.

During the day it fills up more quickly, however in the evening, there is usually plenty of spots for students to claim. Think of this as similar to the fourth floor of the library, with much comfier seating and dining options close by.

5. Auburn Public Library

If students are looking for a library setting that doesn’t come with the crowds of RBD, the Auburn Public Library is a great place to settle in and study. With friendly staff, plenty of seating and multiple resources, college students are sure to accomplish their study needs here.

It’s easy to spread out and find the right nook or cranny to get some serious work done. The Auburn Public Library is also great for group meetings or meeting with a tutor for class, as parking is easily accessible.

6. Mama Mocha’s

Located just outside of campus, Mama Mocha’s is the perfect spot for students who want a unique coffee drink and environment to study in. With their calm and collected vibe, Mama Mocha’s appeals to the student looking for a stress-free and artsy location.

They ask that for every few hours you’re there you do purchase something, so if you know you need to fill up on caffeine or a bite to eat, this is the perfect spot to settle in with. This is also the ideal spot for those who want to journal or catch up on school and personal reading. They play soft music in the background to keep students focused, and the smell of coffee fills the entire room.

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