We all understand the struggle of trying to find an apartment that fits our needs, feels right, and is affordable! Searching for hours and hours on end can get discouraging and exhausting, especially if you aren’t exactly sure what things you should be looking for.

Whether you’ve decided to move locations or it’s time to get out of the dorms on campus, choosing an apartment is more complex than just determining the number of bedrooms.

Here are six questions to ask yourself when looking for a good apartment to fit your lifestyle.

How close is it to campus?

Figuring out the Tiger Transit can be difficult, and trying to find a parking space can make you late for class. To save hassle, many students look for an apartment that is in walking distance from campus.

Try to consider what buildings the majority of your classes are in, and go from there! Other students want to be within walking distance of the stadium, downtown Auburn, or other areas of campus, so think about where you’ll be walking to most frequently when researching the right apartment for you. As they say in real estate, “location, location, location!”

However, some students prefer the peace and quiet of living further from campus. Getting away from the hustle and bustle can be beneficial to your study habits, and many apartments further from campus do offer Tiger Transit stops to help you get to class.

Is it furnished or unfurnished?

If your home town is far away from Auburn, moving into an unfurnished apartment can be stressful. When looking for your perfect space, consider whether it’s worth the hassle to move furniture long distances to Auburn. However, if you find an otherwise perfect unfurnished apartment, there are several ways to order furniture and have it ready at nearby stores, or buy used furniture from a friend.

What amenities does it have?

When it comes to amenities, everyone’s preferences are different. First consider what is important to you, and make yourself a “must have” list. Some people prefer to have a pool or a gym on site, while others are fine to go to the Recreation and Wellness Center on campus.

Other people need some outdoor space for a pet, or just prefer to have a space to enjoy the weather on a porch or balcony. While some amenities such as a dishwasher and laundry machines might seem standard, be sure to check for these if they’re important to you.

Is it pet friendly?

Many college students enjoy the companionship of a dog or cat, but not all apartments allow these furry friends. Be sure to check an apartments pet policy before signing a lease. Many apartments will allow pets with a small fee, but some ban them altogether.

Is it within my budget?

This is probably the most important question to ask when looking for an apartment. The prices of Auburn apartments vary vastly based on location, amenities, and bedrooms. The prices can also go up depending on how much utilities typically cost.

When deciding on an apartment, try to find a current resident and ask them how much they pay monthly in total, to ensure it will fit within your budget. Some apartments include the utilities in the price of rent, whereas others do not. So it is important to factor this in when you are forming your budget.

Is it safe?

While budget is important to consider, you never want to compromise on safety just to save a buck. Luckily, Auburn is a very safe town, so most places will not be a problem at all. By making sure to keep your door and windows locked, you’ll help keep your new place safe.

The apartment hunt can be a stressful process, but following these steps will be sure to help you figure out where you need to be. Remember that this place will be your home for the next year (or more!) so choose carefully, and make sure you aren’t rushing in to any rash decisions.

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