Moving into a new apartment can be stressful but it can also be fun and exciting. Decorating a new apartment is probably the most exciting aspect of moving into a new place but it can also be expensive. We all wish we could design an apartment like the homes on HGTV, but that is most-likely an unaffordable prospect when you are living the college lifestyle. Thankfully, there are ways to decorate your apartment while keeping costs down. By doing DIY projects, you can decorate a new apartment while remaining under your budget - but still have fun! There are thousands of projects to choose from that are simple, cheap and appealing to the eye. The kitchen is considered to be “the heart of the home” and unfortunately, it is the place that can easily become messy and disorganized. Here at Liberty Properties, we want to give you some DIY projects for the kitchen in your new apartment.

DIY Menu Chalkboard

Figuring what to cook for dinner every night of the week can be exhausting and stressful. A creative way to decrease this weekly stress is to create a days of the week menu. This is a great project that will help organize your week while also making an adorable decoration for your apartment. A quick, cheap and easy way to make a DIY weeknight menu is by purchasing a piece of plywood and painting it with chalk paint, buying frame pieces - painting them whatever color you like, gluing the frame pieces around the border of plywood and then drawing on your board with chalk….then DONE! This DIY Menu Chalkboard will not only look sophisticated and cute, but it will keep you organized when it comes to planning your weeknight meals.

DIY Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

If you are a college student, you probably have a love for coffee. If you have a love for coffee, you probably have a ton of coffee cups. As cute as coffee cups are, they take up lots of shelf space. But by creating a DIY pallet coffee cup holder, you can display your cute mugs while creating more shelf space for other kitchen items. This is not only a useful item, it functions as an adorable decoration as well. With just a little creativity and, an old wooden pallet, hooks and paint, you can create a trendy coffee cup holder to hang on a wall in your kitchen.

DIY Painted Wooden Spoon Handles

When it comes to decorating, sometimes the little details are what people find most amusing. This DIY project is simple but adds a creative touch to your kitchen utensils. If you paint the handles of your wooden utensils and spoons in different shades of the same color, it creates an ombre effect. Not only is this project quick and simple, but people will notice it and be impressed with your creativity. Plus, it adds a nice pop of color to your kitchen decor. You can even think “outside of the box” with this DIY project and draw stripes, circles, stars, etc. on the ends of the wooden utensil handles. Make this project your own and do whatever you think will look best in your apartment.

DIY Potholders

Another project that you can do is crochet your own potholders. Every kitchen needs potholders and if you create your own, it adds a unique and personal touch to your kitchen. Although crocheting potholders sounds difficult, it is a great skill to learn. Once you master the skill of crocheting, making potholders can be a quick process. Being able to crochet and design your own potholders adds a new dimension to your kitchen theme, while also acting as a useful tool when it comes to dealing with hot pots and pans.

DIY Organization For Your Pantry

The pantry is the easiest place in your kitchen to become disorganized. By using mason jars, clear containers, baskets and a label maker, your pantry will go from looking disorganized to looking “Pinterest worthy”. Having an organized pantry allows for you to see what item you are in need of or which item you are missing, this makes creating a grocery list much easier. By using and repainting containers you already have in your home saves money and recycles old jars.

These are just a few examples of DIY projects that you can do in the kitchen in your apartment, but there are thousands more out there to choose from. The best thing about a DIY project is that you can be as creative as you want with them and you are able to add your own personality to your apartment. Liberty Properties wants to help you utilize the space in your apartment as much as possible and we hope that these DIY projects have inspired you to try them.

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