Living with roommates can be difficult as is, but living with roommates in a small space can be even more challenging. Here at Liberty Properties, we want you to enjoy your time living with your roommates no matter the size of your space. Here are our tips for sharing a small space with your roommates:


There should be a place in your home for every item you own, from the living room couch to the salt and pepper shaker in the kitchen. Choosing a place for every item makes living in a small space and tidying up easier for everyone in the apartment.

A great way to keep everything in its place is through organizational decor. Shelving, footrests with hidden storage, bookshelves and baskets are all useful decor to help you maximize a small space.

Keeping shoes, jackets and keys in their place will also aid in keeping your apartment organized. Entryway coat racks, hooks and benches with shoe storage are all great decor items to keep in mind when planning the furniture and decor in your small space.

Designated Space

The first thing you should do when moving in with new roommates is to decide how you want to split the common area space. This is especially useful for the kitchen and pantries.

Sharing a refrigerator with roommates is unlike sharing a refrigerator with your parents and siblings. Usually, you will buy your own groceries and your roommates will buy theirs. Splitting the fridge space between one, two or sometimes even five roommates can be a challenge. Designating areas of the fridge to each roommate will keep you from having any arguments over space.

You can designate areas of your pantry in the same way. Each roommate could have one shelf of their own, for example. Cabinets are also essential places to allocate space.

Designating spaces for each roommate will help to avoid arguments and hurt feelings while sharing a small space.

Keep Your Common Areas Clean

With busy schedules and loads of homework, all while trying to make time for social events, it is often hard for college students to find time to clean their apartment. Despite lack of time, however, keeping your apartment clean is an important factor to living happily with your roommates.

Cleanliness, according to Listaka, “Might be one of the major reasons why roommates fight.”

Finding roommates with the same cleaning expectations and habits as you is going to be a challenge. Especially if you’re an exceptionally clean person or an exceptionally messy person.

Having a cleaning chart will create an accountable way to keep up with cleaning. This chart can be filled with cleaning tasks for each roommate such as vacuuming, taking out the trash or cleaning the kitchen counters.

Another way to keep your small space clean is by choosing a designated cleaning day each week. This also creates bonding time with your roommates if you don’t have much time to spend together because of your busy schedules.


As with all relationships, communication is one of the most important tools to have. Among your roommates, communication is essential to happily sharing a small space.

When you first move in together, or even if you’ve already been living together but are having some problems sharing your apartment space, you can communicate the things that are important to you in sharing the common areas. Is the organization in the living room the most important to you? Or is it keeping a clean kitchen? Do you have a pet peeve or anxiety that your roommates might need to know about?

Being upfront and communicating these things will make sharing a small space much less stressful. It will probably even be enjoyable if all of your roommates know the things that you care about the most in apartment living.

Having to share a small space with roommates is almost a given in college. By using these tips, you can make your relationship and home stress-free and enjoyable. We at Liberty Properties want you to love your space and hope you can implement some of these tips into your home.

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