Studying is something that all college students are expected to spend a good amount of time on. What becomes hard, however, is finding a good place to sit down and actually focus on studying. There are great study spots outside of your home, such as coffee shops or bookstores, but sometimes you need and want to stay in and study. Here at Liberty Properties, we want to help you create the best study spot in your apartment. Here is our list to help you.

Get comfortable, but not too comfortable

It’s important to be comfortable in your study spot since you will be spending long hours studying various subjects. If you aren’t comfortable, your body will start to ache which will inhibit quality studying.

If you do nothing else, a comfortable chair is a must for your study space. You should find one to give you adequate lumbar support. If you experience discomfort in your back, shoulders or arms while studying, it is likely that your chair does not give you adequate support. You can try adjusting the height of your chair’s seat or positioning to aid in the comfort of your chair.

Pillows and blankets can help with comfort in studying at a desk, but you have to be careful and know when your point of comfort becomes too much to study. Choose your extra comforts to fit your study style.

White noise or music

While it might be tempting to listen to your favorite band while studying, it can be very distracting. Study International News says, “According to a study done at the University of Phoenix, as well as various other studies, listening to music with lyrics is quite distracting while you read, study, and write.” Therefore, try listening to white noise instead. You can also turn on a fan to create a background noise that won’t distract you.

You can also try listening to some classical music. Mozart or Beethoven may actually help you to ace your test or project. You can find a white noise or classical music playlist on Spotify or almost any other music streaming platform.

Another unique alternative to music is lighting a wicker candle at your desk. In this type of candle, the wick is made of wood instead of cotton so it gives a cracking sound like a fireplace would. That sound along with the scent of the candle can make for a focused environment.


This might be the hardest suggestion to go through with, but try putting your phone away while you study. A simple reply to a text can deter your mind from studying for a significant period of time. In turn, if you reply to one text, it’s hard not to look at other areas of your phone like social media, emails or even games.

If you tend to get distracted by your roommates, close your door or tell them respectfully that you do not wish to be disturbed during your study time. This might even mean asking them politely to turn down their music or TV. Don’t be hesitant to ask this of them. Living with roommates can be hard in general, but if you don’t communicate properly, it can become even harder as you get frustrated with the distraction.

Get organized

A messy desk just does not work for quality study time. Everything should be well organized and easy to find. It is also just not pleasing to study on a messy desk in the first place. You might even be deterred from sitting down to study altogether if your space is messy.

An easy fix to a cluttered desk is to take a trip to an office supply store. Find folders, shelves, trays and any other organization items you think to be useful to help you maintain cleanliness at your workspace.


Natural sunlight is ideal for studying. Try opening your blinds to let the sunshine in on a sunny day. If your apartment or home doesn’t have great access to natural light, however, desk lamps will do the job.

Be sure to always have your ceiling light on as well. You do not want to cause unnecessary eye strain while looking at your computer or reading papers


You want your workspace to be a place you enjoy. Consider the extra little things such as a mouse pad and keyboard with a comfy wrist rest. Your wicker candle will help with making your space pleasant as well. Or, try an essential oil diffuser. Don’t be hesitant to hang pictures of your friends, family, pets or favorite band where you can see it. You should have a space that you truly enjoy being in. This will make your studying time a lot more appealing.

Hopefully you are able to take some of these ideas and incorporate them to make the study space in your apartment perfect. Here at Liberty Properties, we want you to be able to come home and study to make the A’s you deserve. Contact us today at 334-821-1600 if you need help finding housing.

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