Finding the motivation to do anything is a struggle, not to mention when you are trying to find motivation for something that overwhelms you or something you have limited interest in doing. If you’re anything like the typical college kid, the hardest part of school is just finding the motivation to get things done without procrastinating until the last minute. Here are five easy things to do to help you reclaim your lost motivation.

1. Split work up into smaller chunks

Starting off knowing that you have a paper, two quizzes and a test next week is guaranteed to cause you stress and overwhelm you. That feeling surprisingly makes us want to study even less and just quit. However, this can be the where you take your motivation into your own hands! Being able to take a step back and create little sections of work that seems and is more manageable allows you to get to grinding out some work. When you split up your paper by writing an outline one night and a paragraph or a page a night, it turns into an easy task that isn't as scary.

2. Set Goals

Now that you have split your work into smaller pieces, it is easy to then attempt at one part of a section and then give up. However, you are going to keep morale and motivation high because next you set goals for what you are going to accomplish. It is important that these goals are realistic and actually obtainable. Making your goal that you are going to finish studying for your cumulative exam in an hour is not a realistic nor obtainable goal. A realistic goal would be to complete chapters 1 and 2 before you take a break. Allow yourself to reward yourself for your hard work!

A great way to remind yourself about your goals and keep them fresh in your brain is by keeping sticky notes around your apartment while getting ready for a stressful week. Having places around your apartment like in the kitchen or your private bathroom to remind yourself to stay on track helps motivation because you won't forget.

3. Take breaks

Everyone’s favorite part of the study session, the break. According to Indeed, The human brain can generally only absorb material for 90 minutes to two hours before it needs to rest. Allowing yourself a break every 90 minutes allows your brain to recharge and actually makes you more productive. Therefore, once you have completed your goal it is encouraged to take a break from your work. Some simple ways to take a break include taking a walk, eating a snack, getting some water. Getting away from your workspace can be good for recharging. Now, it is important to note that when you’re on a short break you should stick to your schedule and stay on track and not lose sight of the bigger picture.

4. Create a study schedule

Staying on track of your work and how much you need to get done is overwhelming and may cause you to lose motivation. This habit can be broken by creating a study schedule. A study schedule can be just a rough timeline of when you are going to work on things or have something finished by. Especially once you created your smaller parts to the project, and set your goal for when you want to have it completed by your study schedule is reinforcement of these commitments you made. Giving you that extra motivation you need to get an assignment done.

You can even integrate study schedules into your everyday life, and make them into a habit. So much so that you can set a block of time in your day to study that when you don’t it can leave you feeling like you forgot something but you can't put your finger on it.

Another great way to keep up with your study schedule, is similar to your goals, hang up your study schedule around your apartment. You and your roommates can hold each other accountable for your study schedule! You both can post your study schedules on your fridge and ask each other how well you have stuck with it! You can even make it a competition to see who has stuck with it most, motivating you even further to stick with your schedule.

5. Try different approaches

Studying can feel like a task that never stops, if you feel this way maybe you aren’t using the right strategies or theories for studying that work for you, or even ones that engage your mind the way it wants. Everyone is unique which means your study routine may be different than those that your friends use.

Some people prefer to study alone, but others like to study in a group. If you are trying to study in a group be sure they know your goals and schedule. It can be nice to have a group of class friends over at your apartment to help you explain or get material explained to you.

Another approach you can try is trying to understand the material in a different way, that can be using videos on YouTube to have someone draw out what you need, or even listening to a podcast for a new explanation.

A technique you can try to change your study habits is the Pomodoro technique.

According to the 5-step process for implementing the Pomodoro technique:

  • Choose your task and total time to work on it.
  • Set a timer to 25 minutes (either with an egg timer or with an app).
  • Work on the task for 25 minutes. Avoid all distractions and urges to multi-task.
  • Take a 5-minute break for energy renewal, start another Pomodoro.
  • Take a 20-30 minute break after completing four Pomodoros.

Finally a great way to get motivated to study is a change of scenery. This can be done in your apartment by changing the way your room is set up, or even just creating a small space dedicated to studying. That way you know that when you are in this place you are working not watching Netflix.

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