Navigating through the daily struggles of college is already hard enough, adding finding a roommate on the list just adds to the stress. There are many ways that you can connect with people who need roommates, whether that be from a random roommate option or finding someone from a Facebook group the possibilities are endless. However, once you finally find someone who fits your living style it can seem hard to find ways to get to know them. Here are five easy ways to get to know your roommate!

1. Meet before you move in (if possible)

When you first get a roommate you may be hesitant to text or reach out to them. However, reaching out and getting to know them before you move in is beneficial. If you are able to meet up in person before it is even better! It can eliminate the awkwardness of move-in day. Meeting before move-in day also allows you to get to know the other person better and truly see if it is someone you could live with. If you are unable to meet in person, even just starting a text conversation so you don’t feel like strangers when you live together.

2. Decorate your room/apartment together

Once you and your roommate knows the layout of your dorm room or apartment it is a great idea to start designing and decorating your shared living spaces. This allows you to get to know your roommate's styles and even show some common interest between you and your roommate. If you enjoy crafting or doing things DIY decorating your room is another great way to get to know your roommate. Working together with your roommate to create a more homelike environment can bond you guys even more!

3. Ask get to know you questions

While it may seem awkward at first, the only way to truly get to know a person is by asking them questions about themselves. People love to talk about themselves so be sure to ask questions that help you understand the person better and how well you would get along. Questions like how they feel about having people over, if they are a morning or night person, messy or clean are the perfect ways to understand if you will get along. Also, asking these questions in the beginning saves you from disagreements in the future if you had not talked about it before.

4. Go get food together/ make roommate dates

It may feel unnatural to just start asking a potential roommate or your roommate a bunch of questions back to back. One way to alleviate this by going to get food with your roommate. Eating makes awkward pauses natural, because you have food in your mouth, but also allows you to get to know your roommate better. Getting food together shows what foods they like or don’t which gives you more things to talk about. Especially if you are both new to the area, go with each other to try new things together. Roomie dates are another great way to get to know your roommate better. Whether you’re binge watching a series together or going for a hike on a trail doing things together is the best way to get to know each other better.

5. Go to school scheduled events/ city events

More than likely you and your roommate are new to the town or city you are in. Whether you’re a freshman in college or starting a new job in a new place, more than likely so is your roommate. Which means they are in the same boat as you and just as nervous and eager to get to know the town. Take advantage of the school events and sports events that are going on around the town and go with your roommate. Those events are made for people to get to know more people so having your roommate with you makes it that much easier!

Getting to know your roommate can seem intimidating at first, but once you start bonding and doing activities together you will see that it is easier than you thought! At Liberty Properties we want you and your roommate to live in the best housing possible. If you are looking for a place to live in the Auburn area don’t hesitate to contact us.

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