Almost everyone would love a pet and we all know that dogs can be some of the best companions. But, for students, living with a pet in an apartment can be hard. When students rent an apartment for the semester or year and are in the market for a dog, it is important to realize that certain dogs are just better built for apartment living.

As a student, when you decide to sign a lease and plan to introduce a pet to your home, it is important that you take into account not only the breed and qualities of the dog but also of the space you plan to rent.

First, always make sure that the property where you plan to live allows pets and if you have roommates, make sure that they are comfortable with the addition of a dog or cate. Once you are sure of these two things, it is time to begin searching for the right animal for you!

Although Auburn students are blessed with lots of open space and countryside, it is normal for students not to have the time to always take their pets on long walks outside of the neighborhood, especially during busy test weeks. Therefore, a dog that requires ample exercise and constant attention may not be the best choice for a busy person who may not be home at all hours of the day.

In addition, rentals can be small, not to mention that you would not want your pet to lose your security deposit by ruining the couch or carpet. For these reasons, a hyperactive large breed may not be the best choice either. However, there are many large dog breeds that have lower activity levels and are more than happy to lounge on a sofa.

According to the American Kennel Club, “Apartment dwellers have many dog breeds to choose from when selecting a pet. You’ll want a pet that doesn’t bark incessantly and is polite when meeting other people, in the elevator, on the stairs, or in the lobby.”

Apartment dwellers need dogs who can match their lifestyles. Here at Liberty Properties, we want to help you out in your search for a pet. Here are some of the top dog breeds for apartment living:


Known for being bright, friendly, and sweet-natured, Barbets make great companions. They are extremely loyal and social which makes them a great fit for a household with lots of visitors. Barbets are very intelligent and learn new things quickly, they have a calm nature and are easy to live. Things to keep in mind when choosing a Barbet is to remember that they do require more exercise than smaller breeds. If this exercise need is being met, they will certainly be happy in an apartment setting.

Bichon Frise

These hypoallergenic and charming dogs are very smart and love everyone. Weighing around 15 pounds, these playful pet’s confidence and size make them perfect apartment dwellers. Bichon Frises are adaptable and will quickly get used to new homes, people, and other dogs.


Pugs are a widespread favorite. These mischievous little dogs are natural homebodies and have very low activity levels. However, if you are thinking about getting a pug be careful since they are prone to high obesity levels due to their lounging lifestyle and love of treats. These dogs will love everyone and quickly warm to any visitors you may have.

French Bulldog

This breed has recently gained massive amounts of popularity. Their bubbly personality and small size makes them perfect city dogs. Also, they can stay in shape with just a brisk walk every day, and they rarely bark which makes them a perfect fit for apartment dwellers.

Boston Terrier

These compact dogs are lively and amusing while still maintaining their reputation as “the American gentleman.” Boston Terriers are easy to please, only requiring lots of love and a couple of quick outings each day. These dogs are sturdy but portable, making them a perfect choice for an active student.


An unexpected match for apartment living, these well-known racing dogs actually enjoy spending most of the day lounging around. If you take these dogs to the park or on a quick walk they will most likely spend the rest of the day laying around. Greyhounds are loving and timid and will usually be shy around new people until they get used to them.

When finding your perfect pet, you should consider your own individual lifestyle and which dog would be able to adapt the best. This is just a shortlist of the many dogs that would be fantastic companions for apartment dwellers. If you want more information about getting ready to have a pet in college check out these 5 things to consider before getting a pet in college.

Lastly, remember that each dog has their own personality regardless of their breed and it is important to find a personality that compliments your own. According to Pet Finder, “Every pet is an individual, and dogs both large and small can do quite well in apartments or small houses. Those the tend to thrive, however, are usually those lean on the calm and quiet side.”

For information about living with pets and more of our advice when it comes to apartment living, read this blog on apartment living with pets.

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