As a college student, it can be difficult to find the motivation to clean your apartment regularly. With spring right around the corner, this time of year provides ample opportunity to declutter, reorganize, and deep clean your space before the school year is over.

At Liberty Properties, we specialize in providing quality and affordable rentals for Auburn students. We want your apartment to feel as tidy and comfortable as possible, which is why spring cleaning is the perfect time to reinvent your space.

Here are some spring cleaning tips to help make this process go smoothly:

Set Aside Ample Time

One of the most daunting parts of spring cleaning is dedicating the time to actually clean. College students are incredibly busy, but if you have a day where you do not have any classes, make a plan to take that day to clean.

If you’re too busy to clean during the week, set aside a Saturday or Sunday for a full day to clean and organize. This will help motivate you to get it done in one day instead of procrastinating by trying to finish it later in the week when you have less time.

Start With Clothing

It is very easy to continuously buy clothes when you have your first glimpse of freedom after moving on your own. This habit can continue to accumulate over time and take up unnecessary space. Even if you don’t wear half of the stuff in your closet anymore, it can be difficult to let go of the memories your clothes have.

A good first step to your apartment clean up is to throw out your old clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year or have only worn once. If you have costumes and themed clothes, it might be time to donate them or put them in a storage spot. Donating or selling clothes that aren’t too worn in or ripped is also a great way to either give back to the community or make some extra cash.

If you’re having trouble letting go of your clothes, adding storage containers and buying hangers can help declutter your closet and allow for extra space in your room. Organization is just as important for spring cleaning.

School Supplies

Old notebooks, papers, textbooks, and many other miscellaneous school supplies have a habit of lingering around apartments. Take a trash bag and throw out any fully used notebooks and papers from previous classes or courses and recycle if your apartment offers it. If you have old textbooks lying around, there are many apps or buyback services on campus that may buy your old textbooks back as long as they are in good condition.

With finals steadily approaching, this is also an ideal time to organize your semester’s materials by putting papers in folders and filling out your planner for the rest of the semester. Spring cleaning can help you catch up on assignments and refocus to finish the semester strong.

Deep Cleaning

This is one of the hardest parts for college students to complete, but it is crucial for keeping your apartment tidy and polished. Your first step is to make sure you have the proper supplies like a vacuum, mop, bathroom scrubbers, dusting supplies, dish soap, and anything else that will help thoroughly clean your apartment.

Starting with the simpler tasks like doing your laundry, including your bedding, the dishes, and throwing out old food will help kick start the cleaning process. These are also important to start with because putting sheets on a bed without previously deep cleaning your room can cause dust to accumulate on your sheets after you just cleaned them.

Cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and floors are all major parts of the apartment that could use a spring clean. Paying attention to some harder places to reach that you may ignore throughout the year will ensure a thorough clean.

To help this process not be as dreadful, put on some of your favorite songs to dance to as you clean or listen to a podcast. This will help pass the time much faster. Take a long shower and give yourself time to decompress after finishing your deep cleaning day for some self care time.

Here at Liberty Properties, we want your apartment to feel like home. With these spring cleaning tips kept in mind, your apartment will help you feel refreshed and ready to take on the last stretch of the semester. Contact us to help you find your perfect college apartment today!

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