Located in the state of Alabama, there is a special city in Lee County known as Auburn. Anyone who has lived here or that has visited this lovely city knows what people mean when they refer to Auburn as a “family”. This city is the home of many local residents and families. As well as being the home of about 27,000 students who attend Auburn University. There are plenty of great qualities about this city, but one of the best qualities it possesses is that no matter what age you are, Auburn is a city that always has something to do. Regardless of whether you live in a house or in an apartment, lots of things in Auburn are within walking distance. This luxury provides Auburn residents with convenient and easily accessible activities. Here at Liberty Properties, we want to share the top 6 activities the city of Auburn has to offer its many residents and its visitors.

The life of a college student comes with several adjustments and new experiences. College is the first time where a student lives in an apartment without their parents, they are in charge of managing their own time and it’s their first chance at independence. Although college is considered to be some of “the best years of your life,” these new adjustments and experiences still come with challenges.

Every new year seems to rise as quickly as the last one fell, as time seems to become more fleeting. A new year brings a fresh start and sense of purpose, and with a bit of luck, answers to any pending questions or anxieties come to surface. Resolutions are cornerstones for a new sense of motivation and confidence in the 365 days that lie ahead. 2019 can be the year you hold steadfast to your resolutions and make changes in your life that benefit your family, your friends, and you. Here are a few ways to lean into your resolutions as a college student in Auburn and make balancing your social, academic, and personal life more manageable.

Whether you are a student living in a dorm, an apartment, or a house throughout your college career, chances are you will at one point share a bathroom with a roommate or multiple roommates. You and your roommates will use this space to shower, wash your face, get ready for events, and much more. Here are some tips to keep the area tidy and reduce tension between you and your roommates.

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