Move-Out Procedures

With your move out date approaching, please see the following guidelines for valuable move out information.

  • If you have not renewed your lease with us and are a Northpointe tenant, you must be completely moved out of your unit by August 5, 12 Noon. If you have not renewed your lease with us and are a Ross Park tenant, you must be completely moved out of your unit by August 9, 12 Noon. If you do not live in Ross Park or Northpointe please see your lease or contact our office for your move out date.
  • Utilities must remain on, in your name, until the end of your lease period or Liberty Properties will charge you a reconnection fee. In addition you will be charged for the billing of services for the duration of your lease, including any temporary fees charged by the utility companies pursuant to your lease.
  • Your unit should be left thoroughly cleaned. Enclosed is a cleaning list to assist you. Every item will be checked when we inspect your unit.
  • Your spa, if applicable, should be left completely drained and clean.
  • All door keys and mailbox keys, if applicable, are to be turned in to our office by your move out date and time or No deposit will be refunded. In addition you will be charged for changing the locks on your leased unit.
  • You must provide us with your forwarding address in order to receive your deposit refund in the mail.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about deductions from your security deposit please call our office or send an email to

If your unit is renewing with a tenant change please see the below instructions.


Northpointe Tenant(s) move out Aug 5th, 12 Noon & new Tenant(s) move in Aug 11th.

Ross Park Tenant(s) move out Aug 9th, 12 Noon & new Tenant(s) move in Aug 15th.

However, Liberty Properties will allow a different move out/move in date or time so long as ALL TENANTS agree and the rent is paid in full. Our main office will be closed from August 5 – August 16 to prepare our properties for move in. Please be aware that a full month’s August rent will be due before you move-in. We will have a temporary office in your neighborhood on your move in day.


The tenant(s) moving out should be sure to pass their key along to the new tenant(s). In the event that this exchange is not possible, please leave your key with the remaining roommates so that they may give it to the new tenant.


All utilities are tenant responsibility. If you are moving out and currently have one or more utilities in your name, please be sure to have your roommates change it over before you leave.


You can contact us via email at Info@LibertyProperties.Info or call our office at 334-821-1600. You will also be able log into your Tenant Portal by going to our website and click Tenant and then click Tenant Portal or download the “Appfolio” app.


The damage waiver is required for Liberty to determine the amount to withhold from the move out tenant’s security deposit. We have already accounted for carpet cleaning, but we need to know if we should withhold any other fees that would be considered damage caused by the tenants moving out—holes in walls/doors, damaged blinds, clogged sinks, carpet damage, overall cleanliness, paint etc.

These damages will NOT be repaired this year unless the damage is substantial. When the entire unit is vacant, we will then inspect the unit and use the withheld security deposit to pay for the previous tenant’s listed damages on your damage waiver form. Meaning, these specific damages will not be charged against the remaining tenants!

Please return the form below as soon as possible with all signatures and damages listed. Be sure to list the move out tenant that is responsible. If you have any questions, please contact the office for assistance.

Once you have moved out of a Liberty Properties Rental Unit, Security Deposit Refunds will be returned 60 days after the lease term ends with the following guide:

Thank you for leasing with Liberty Properties. We hope you found your experience with Liberty to be satisfactory. Be sure to keep our website and email address for future housing references.

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