Sublease Availability

Residential Sublease Procedures

The following items will be needed to complete a sublease:

  • Sublessee completed application – please contact our office to have this emailed directly to you.
  • Sublessee driver’s license copy
  • Sublessee security deposit
  • Sublessee’s cosigner’s application
  • Sublease Agreement signed by Sublessee and all Tenants – this is digital and will be emailed to you once we receive all applications.

Subleasing is allowed only with the prior written consent of management. Deposits of residents will not be reimbursed until normal time for lease expiration even though the unit has been properly subleased. A sublease fee of $100 per tenant will be charged by management for processing a sublease. A sublease is in effect only when the forms have been properly signed. A sublease will not discharge Lessee from the obligations owed under this Lease contract. Once a lease is signed by Lessee, a marketing fee of one month’s rent will be charged by Lessor to locate tenants to lease or sublease although Lessor is not obligated to locate tenants. If you are looking to sublease, whether an individual or unit or if you are looking for an individual roommate that needs a place to live, please download the list below for complete information.

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