Located in the state of Alabama, there is a special city in Lee County known as Auburn. Anyone who has lived here or that has visited this lovely city knows what people mean when they refer to Auburn as a “family”. This city is the home of many local residents and families. As well as being the home of about 27,000 students who attend Auburn University. There are plenty of great qualities about this city, but one of the best qualities it possesses is that no matter what age you are, Auburn is a city that always has something to do. Regardless of whether you live in a house or in an apartment, lots of things in Auburn are within walking distance. This luxury provides Auburn residents with convenient and easily accessible activities. Here at Liberty Properties, we want to share the top 6 activities the city of Auburn has to offer its many residents and its visitors.

Toomer’s Corner

Since 1856, at the intersection of College and Magnolia Street, Toomer’s Corner has been located at the edge of Auburn University’s campus. This landmark marks represents the point where downtown Auburn ends and where the Auburn University campus begins. Residents, visitors and students will come to Toomer’s Corner on a daily basis to buy Auburn knick-knacks and t-shirts, to meet someone for lunch or to simply get some freshly squeezed lemonade or ice cream in between classes. Toomer’s Corner is also the place where an important Auburn tradition began. This is a tradition where Auburn students and Auburn fans throw toilet paper on the oak trees to celebrate an Auburn football win.

Kiesel Park

Looking for a place to get some exercise, go on a casual walk with your friend or for a place to get out of your apartment and take your dog to play? Kiesel Park is the place to go. Not only is Kiesel the largest park in Auburn, it also consists of a fenced-in dog park, a walking trail, a pond, a pavillion, a garden and it is the host of the city’s biggest event called Auburn CityFest. Kiesel Park is a relaxing place to escape from school work or the stress of your career and it provides you enjoyment in the beauty of the nature surrounding you. No matter what time of the day it is, this park is open to the public from sunrise to sunset.

Saturday Home Football Games at Jordan-Hare Stadium

The perks of living or visiting a city that is the home of a university with a football team, is the amount of college football games that are available for residents and students to attend. Every Saturday during football season, when a football game is played at home, the residents and students of Auburn leave their houses and apartments to cheer the Auburn Tigers to victory. Saturday’s in Auburn are indescribable. The college football games are not intended for just college students and they are not unsafe or “wild”. College football games in Auburn are a family atmosphere. People of all ages are encouraged to be there.

Night Life

If you are of drinking age and want to go out at night, Auburn has six bars that are available to go visit. There is Sky Bar, Moe’s Original BBQ, 1716, Bourbon Street, Quixote’s and Avondale. Each bar has its own unique atmosphere for whatever kind of night you have planned. If you are looking to get a few drinks and relax with some friends, go to Avondale or Moe’s Original BBQ. These two bars are more relaxing and personable. If you are looking for a more energetic night of drinking, Sky Bar, Bourbon Street, 1716 or Quixote’s offer that type of atmosphere by providing dance floors and loud music.

Spending Time in Front of Samford Hall

Samford Hall is the building located at the entrance of Auburn University. This beautifully structured building houses the administration offices for the university. While also playing a role as the clock tower that chimes every hour. Students, residents and visitors enjoy taking walks outside of Samford, having a picnic, studying in the grass or taking pictures in front of it. Samford Hall is the most photographed building at Auburn University and the students and residents of this city enjoy spending time outside of it when the weather is nice.

Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art

Auburn is also the home of The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art. This museum is one of the leading fine art museums in the state of Alabama and is continuing to grow in size. With 200 free public programs and 30,000 visitors annually, the Jules Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art takes pride in sharing the power and importance that artwork has on a community. Containing 6 changing art galleries, a cafe, outdoor sculptures, gift shop and much more, people take time out of their day to go and view the beautiful works of art. Student’s are often assigned to go to the museum for school assignments. While local residents and visitors will take a day to go and experience the artwork the museum contains. The mission of the Jules Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art states, “Our mission within the larger mission of Auburn University is to preserve, enhance, research and interpret the collections entrusted to us. Through the presentation of compelling exhibitions and programs to our diverse audiences, we foster the transformative power of art”.

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