Lack of room storage is a common issue faced by many. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a large house, finding ways to incorporate convenient storage options can be difficult. Optimizing your living space will not only make the area more organized but will also allow for more design opportunities.

Here at Liberty Properties, we are passionate about helping you find the best living space. We want to ensure that your home or apartment fits your lifestyle and allows you to live comfortably. Here are a few ways to incorporate storage into your room for more space:

Around the Bed

The bed is a wonderful piece of furniture to incorporate into your storage.

Under the bed storage comes in a variety of options. Drawers and simple containers are a great way to store items that are out of season or that you might not need access to often. Choosing a bed platform with shelving is also a fun way to add extra space to your room. Bed platforms are often more visible so opting to display books and trinkets that match your area’s aesthetic is a great way to show off your style while staying organized.

Bed storage doesn’t end at the type of bed frame chosen. Headboards are a unique way to hide more storage. Headboard options with shelving, cubbies, or drawers are also a great way to display items and also get them out of the way.

On the Walls

Shelving doesn’t have to only be for decoration, it can easily double as a great storage option. Elevating your items by utilizing shelving can help make your room feel less cluttered. Placing picture frames, stacking books, or storing office supplies on shelving will make desks and dresser tops more open.

Along with their storage potential, shelving can add a fun design element. Wire and metal shelving will add a more industrial touch to your room while wooden platforms will help bring the outdoors in.

Make the most of the doors

Doors can serve as more than just privacy barriers. Hanging door storage comes in a variety of options such as pouches, shelves, and hanging bars.

Door pouches are a great storage option for shoes and other materials like art supplies. With many color options available they can be matched to your room decor or can be a place to disappear when doors are closed.

Over the door shelves and hanging are bars are great for bathroom storage. They allow space for the products you need to access often but do not want to clutter your countertop with.

Loft the Bed

As mentioned earlier, the bed is a great piece of furniture to incorporate into your storage.If you are looking for a dramatic room change that will allow for a large amount of storage space, lofting your bed might be the best option for you.

The type of loft option you choose will determine the type of storage you will have to work with. Lofts that allow your desk to go beneath your bed will help clear the space that your desk previously sat, allowing for a dresser or bookshelf. Moving your desk under your bed will also provide a more secluded and hidden space for office supplies to reside.

Loft options that incorporate bookshelves are a wonderful option for those that already have bookshelves in other areas of the room. This storage option will allow you to essentially double the space you have by moving your bookshelves or dresser under your bed.

It’s easy to pile and stack items in the corners or back of closets. But while it may get things out of your sight, it takes away space for other, more useful items. Placing your items in proper storage spaces and organizing them based on category or how often you use them will help your mind and space feel less cluttered.

At Liberty Properties, we know that the way your space looks and feels can impact the way you function. Contact us today to find the perfect place that you can call home.

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