It can be hard to make a space you don’t own feel like home. However, rented properties can be completely transformed to fit your unique style with a few easy tips. Before beginning a new project, always check with your landlord to see if your projects need approval from the property owner.

1. Use peel and stick solutions

Peel and stick solutions are a great way to easily change your space temporarily. There are a range of choices for peel and stick options which can be used in a variety of ways to easily transform any area. All of these options are cost effective, renter friendly, customizable, and easy to do.

Contact paper is designed specifically for countertops. This can be easily applied and removed to freshen up the look of your kitchen and bathroom countertops. It is also a great way to brighten up a space and tailor it to your preferences.

Peel and stick tiles can be used to revamp your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room floors. You can also pick a smaller tile to use as a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. Adding a backsplash can make the value of your rental property feel newly renovated and customized to your taste.

Vinyl is another peel and stick option which can be put over your kitchen appliances. If you want to make your appliances look newer and upgraded, peel and stick vinyl gives you the best use for your money.

2. Add greenery

Plants can help make your apartment feel more welcoming, relaxing, and cozy. In fact, incorporating plants into your living area has a range of benefits that go far beyond just being aesthetically pleasing. Plants have been proven to boost your mood, creativity, air quality, and your health.

If you struggle to take care of plants, there are apps you can download to help you track watering times. You might want to opt for a plant that requires little to no water like the snake plant, ponytail palm, zz plant, or devil’s backbone. There are numerous convincing fake plants you can place around your apartment if you do not want to care for a real plant.

3. Layer up

You can add texture and dimension to your living space by adding decor in layers. You can layer rugs, pillows, lighting, and other common decor. Many people stack books on a shelf, use a thinner rug as a base for a thicker rug, or add accent lighting. Layering your decor can make your apartment feel more personalized and unique to you. It also helps give your rooms a little more depth, character, and visual interest.

4. Replace your outlet covers

Changing your outlet covers is a great way to freshen up a space, making it feel cleaner and more put together. This is another way to add a personal touch to your space while being a temporary and renter-friendly solution.

There are multiple outlet covers to choose from that fit your taste and the style. The wide range of options can make it easy to find a cover you like. Make sure to save the old outlet covers so that you can switch them back after your lease terminates.

5. Add Window Treatments

Different types of window treatments, such as curtains, are also a great way to bring a room together and elevate its appearance. Curtains can often cover older blinds and windows while adding a finishing touch to any room. This can be a great way to revamp your space without the commitment of a permanent solution. You can opt for bold colors, patterns, or neutral tones.

6. Install LED lights

LED lights have been trending with recent, younger generations, but they can easily be made to look sophisticated. If you install them under your cabinets, you can get a modern feel that emphasizes some of the main features of your room. LED lights can also be installed around your TV or in your bathroom for an added accent of light. You can easily install these with temporary adhesive strips or a hook that you nail into the wall.

7. Switch out your hardware

Replacing old knobs and handles on your doors, dressers, and cabinets is a small upgrade that will make your space look brand new. Oftentimes, handles can look dull and worn, so with a quick trip to the craft store, you can transform the appearance of your hardware. Even if the handles look new, you can choose to replace them with fun colors to add some spunk to your home.

8. Mount your TV

Mounting your TV is a cost-effective way to make your apartment feel custom, homey, and personal. You will need a TV mount, a power drill, and a level to make sure everything is straight on the wall. If you’re not sure how to mount a TV, there are plenty of resources online to help guide you through the process.

Also make sure that you hide the cords after you mount to keep your apartment from looking cluttered. Visible wires tend to be an eyesore in any room.

9. Install shelving

Shelves are a great way to display your items fashionably. Luckily, shelves are more than just featured decor. They function as small storage spaces and can keep smaller items off the floor.

Open shelving is commonly used to serve many purposes and can be arranged in a way to make your space feel personal. Shelving is extremely customizable because you can pick exactly what shelving you want to use, where you want to hang it, how you want it decorated.

10. Boost your bathroom appeal with new fixtures

Your bathroom can also easily be customized by swapping out the fixtures for ones that better fit your taste. For example, you can replace your white toilet seat with a colored one or simply add a toilet seat cover to make your bathroom feel more personalized. If you don’t want to use the provided toilet paper holder, you can purchase a standing option to serve the same function while matching your decor.

Replacing your shower head is also a great way to customize your living space to your likings. Whether you want a different look, color, or water pressure options, there are many types of shower heads for you to choose from.

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